The Escapists 2 KAPOW Camp Prison Guide

In this The Escapists 2 KAPOW Camp Prison Guide, we will guide you on how to escape from the K.A.P.O.W. Camp prison. We have some tips and tricks as well as escape methods outlined so that you can bust out with ease

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The Escapists 2 KAPOW Camp Prison

A tip for this prison is that get a guard uniform to search without being caught on the cameras. If you move the desks in the room to the right, this will also eliminate the chances of you being caught.

First Escape

First escape is the Parameter Breakout. You will need to get 50 Intellect, lightweight cutters, a contraband pouch, a medic/guard outfit and a bed dummy for this escape.

Then check in to the evening roll call and run as fast as you can to the generator. You will need the contraband pouch on this path or else take the northeastern passage if you haven’t grabbed the contraband pouch.

So when the Lights out hits, turn the generator off and run through the contraband detector towards south of the meal hall.

Turn south first and then southeast. You will come across two fences so cut through them to go free

Second Escape

Second Escape is Glide to Victory and it is only possible in Multiplayer. This escape plan is easier with more people around. For this plan, you will find and fix a plane and escape in it.

For the repairs and access to the plane, you will require some items, which are a CYAN Key card, 1 Glider skin, 2 half frame of Glider and pickaxe or hammer.

Anything good for breaking walls will work here. One of the group members must also be a level 60 intelligence.

For the CYAN key card, you will first need to build a mould. For the mould, you will need putty and molten plastic. Putty can be made with toothpaste and talcum powder.

Make the mould, find a guard with CYAN key card, and beat him up. Take his card, mould a fake one and return it.

Once you have the card and the remaining items, head to the castle located right of the cells.

To avoid the contraband detectors, you can take a longer route from the north side. Once at the castle, head to the second floor.

There use your fake CYAN key card to open the door and get inside. This is a co-op door so use each other to get inside until all are inside.

Move on and find the staging area. Here, use the parts and fix the plane. Ahead, break the walls blocking its path. Once the plane is fixed and the path is clear, escape the prison.

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