The Escapists 2 HMP Offshore Prison Guide

Her Majesty’s Prison isn’t too difficult to escape from if you know what you’re doing, lucky for you guide will tell you just that! Our Escapists 2 HMP Offshore Prison Guide will detail the escape methods.

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The Escapists 2 HMP Offshore Prison

First Escape

First escape is ‘Swimming with Dolphins’ and it is possible in Solo. For this guide, you will require many items and you will be required to raise your intelligence to 70.

As for the items, start with a branch, string, paper clip and a worm.

Worms are usually found on guards. Rest items are easily found around desks. You will also need a fake RED key so collect putty and molten plastic.

For putty, you will need toothpaste and talcum powder. Find the required items and make a fake RED card using the real card from any guard near your cell. Also, obtain a guard uniform.

Once you are all stocked up on items. Head to the building located North West of the cells lower floor. It will have a generator at the top.

Go all the way down to the basement. 20% of your red card would have been used until this point. Here, you must catch a fish and give it to Snooty as a gift. This unlocks a favor.

Once you are done with Snooty, head up and collect the book ‘How to Speak Dolphin’. It will be marked on your map.

Read the book and make the cake after collecting all the required ingredients. Once you have the cake, head down and give the cake to Snooty. It will take the cake and help you escape the prison.

Second Escape

Second escape is Trash Talk and it is a solo escape. For this escape you will require some items which are CYAN and RED Keys and a breathable trash bag.

For the fake key cards, you will first need to build a mould. For the mould, you will need putty and molten plastic. Putty can be made with toothpaste and talcum powder.

For the breathable garbage bag, first make a breathing mask with handkerchief, tubing and 2 tape. Once you make the breathing mask, make the breathable garbage bag with it.

You also need to increase your Intel to 60 for this escape. You need to take the wood work job and earn some money so you can build a good pickaxe.

Once you have all the items, make the fake key cards by beating up some guards and using the mould. Return the key cards after so they do not cause any trouble.

With the items loaded, head over to the furniture workplace and destroy the wall just below the contraband detector. It is located to the bottom right of the room.

Once the wall is destroyed, enter the room and keep on going using the CYAN and RED key cards where required.

You will eventually reach a dead end. Here you must use the trash bag to escape the prison.

Third Escape

The third type of escape is Perimeter Escape. This can be done with either a Boat or Helicopter, both of which are briefly described here.

Boat Perimeter Escape: You need bolt cutters and two plastic RED keys. At the bottom floor of the map, just right to the Dolphins, you can find an electric fence.

To get over it and escape, all you need to do is turn off the generator, which is located in the east side of the compound.

Once the generator is powered off, you can easily get over it and get on the boat to escape.pretty simple.

Helicopter Perimeter Escape: All you need is a RED key, which can be found on the Roll Call Officer. Once you get the key the rest is pretty easy.

All you need to do is get too the bottom floor and walk across the platform. Keep following it until you reach another building, on top of which you can find your escape helicopter.

Get on top of it and escape. This is very easy to do in multiplayer.

Fourth Escape

This escape is called Bad Intentions and only for multiplayer mode. To perform this, you need a lot of items.

  • 60 Intelligence [get to 62 to be safe]
  • Wad of Putty. To make this, you need two toothpastes and two talcum powders.
  • Molten Plastic. To make this, you need two lighters and two combs or toothbrushes.
  • Lightweight cutters. To make this, you need three files and two duct tape rolls.

The escape itself is very easy. First you need to make 2 plastic RED keys. Then, as you did in the Boat Perimeter Escape, disable the generator in the west wing of the compound.

Head to the bottom of the compound and head north [opposite to the direction of boat] until you reach a double door.

The door will lead you to a submarine, which is your ticket out of here. Just get in the submarine and you are done

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