The Escapists 2 Fort Tundra Prison Guide

The Escapists 2 Fort Tundra Prison Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about escaping the prison in both solo and coop.

In this The Escapists 2 Fort Tundra Prison Guide, we will guide you on how to escape from the Fort Tundra prison. Fort Tundra is basically a Gulag in the USSR and it’s up to you (and maybe some buddies) to figure out how to escape, but don’t worry our guide is here to help bust you out.

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The Escapists 2 Fort Tundra Prison

First Escape

First escape is Rock-Hammer Hard Place and it is a solo escape plan. For this escape plan, you must find an inmate with the Rock-Hammer Hard favor.

It is not just a one-time favor but you will be required to complete this favor 8 times. When you have completed the eighth favor, the hammer will be yours. For the next step, you need a YELLOW key, a PURPLE key, a bed dummy, cutters and a guard uniform.

Now wait for the night, put the bed dummy in place, grab your hammer, cutters and the two keys and head to the sewer hatch near the statue.

Break the hatch with the hammer and enter the sewer. Inside the sewer, you will find more fences, cut them down with your cutters and escape to the west.


You must hurry up once inside the sewer because if the sewer entrance is found damaged, a lockdown will commence and you will have a hard time escaping the prison.

Second Escape

Second Escape is Fun with Jeeps and it is a multiplayer escape plan so find a friend to help you out.

Start with beating up guards and getting a red key card. Make a fake key using a mould. For mould, you will need putty and molten plastic. Putty is crafted with talcum powder and toothpaste.

Remember that each player will need their own fake RED key so each has to craft their own RED key using moulds.

Next, find a pickaxe. When are ready for your escape, find an isolated guard, take his red card to make fake keys and give it back.

Head to the red door located above the building with the library and use your fake keys to enter. Enter the door and keep going until you get to a coop door.

Help each other get to the other side and then dig a hole in the wall. Use the hole to get to the jeep and escape the prison.

Third Escape

This escape is the Perimeter Escape. First of all, you need to search the compound to get items to build a sturdy shovel.

You need two shovels in this to be safe [each shovel breaks/digs 5 block]. You need a lightweight shovel, metal sheet and a roll of duct tape to make one. The other items you need are a Red Key and a Contraband Pack.

Once you have all these items, you can plan your escape. The escape can be both done as solo or multiplayer.

Once you have all the items, all you need to do is hide somewhere until night fall. Once the guards are reduced, just head o any wall and dig out a tunnel for yourself.

It is recommended that you pick the wall next to the kitchen, it is the least guarded area and easy to get to. This will make your escape much easier and safer to pull off.

The hardest part of the escape is to gather all the items you need. While escaping, it is also recommended to have a couple of adrenaline drinks in your inventory, as digging will use up your energy pretty fast.

You will also to again and again get out of the tunnel to drop the dirt that you get from digging the tunnel. Once the tunnel is done, you have successfully escaped from the Fort

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