The Escapists 2 Area 17 Prison Guide

In this The Escapists 2 Area 17 Prison Guide, we will guide you on how to escape from the Area 17 prison in The Escapist 2.

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The Escapists 2 Area 17 Prison

There are multiple methods to escape from Area 17 Prison, all of which we have given below in detail including tips and the items required for each escape option.

First Escape
First escape is Alien Technology and it is a multiplayer only escape. For this escape, you will need at least one friend with you. Start with making a fake RED key.

For it, you will require putty and molten plastic. Putty can be crafted using toothpaste and talcum powder. Create the mould and find a guard that has the red key.

Beat him up, make the fake key using the mould, and give the key back to him.

Once you have the fake RED key, head to the west through the corridors and find the stairs that lead up to a red key door.

Use co-op to gain entry to this door and inspect the moon lander inside the room. Find the item hidden inside, take it to a safe area, and store it. Now for the next part of the plan, you need to gather some items.

You will require a circuit board, a radio receiver, and sheers. With all the items in hand including the item from the moon lander, head south of the roll call area and find the power room that is least guarded. From here, turn off the power which will make the contraband detector useless.

Now head up the stairs and you will end up in a very low-security area. Here you must cut through the two chain link fences with the power off.

Get to the ship and start repairing it using all the items that you collected. Once the ship is fully repaired, you will escape from the prison.

Second Escape
Second Escape is I’m only human and it is a solo escape plan. For this escape plan, start with increasing your Intel till 60. You will also require a fake pass, a RED and CYAN fake key and civilian clothes. For the fake pass, find some ink and feather and craft one.

For the RED and CYAN keys you will need a mould. For the mould, you will need putty and molten plastic. Putty can be made with toothpaste and talcum powder.

When you beat up the guards for their CYAN and RED cards, steal a fake security pass and a uniform from them. For the civilian clothes, find the maintenance man’s desk on the surface level.

You will require a CYAN key for the maintenance man’s desk. When you are ready to escape, build your fake cards by beating up guards, wear the guard uniform and head to the surface.

Once there, head towards the south west corner of the map and find the room with a lot of locked rooms.

Here, change into civilian clothes near the security camera and equip your pass in the active item slot. When you reach the door, press E and you will escape through this door.

Third Escape
This one is another way of escaping the area 17 but for multiplayer only so keep that in mind. For this one, first raise your intellect to 50 and then you have to either craft the following items or find them anyway.

These items are: 1 energy module (2 batteries and 1 wire), lightweight cutter, 1 circuit board and red keycard.

Now take that red keycard and go to west, there you will have to go through the stairs that are above the goldsmith job, you will be at fake moon landing site. Get in the shuttle and get that empty canister that you see there.

Keep it on you and go towards south where you will see a hanger and a UFO when you go through the stairs.

Now get your friend to the south west of the map and turn the generator off, when the generator is off, cut the fence and get through, and do not worry about guards they don’t go through fence, that is if they are not following you.

Now get your things ready, that circuit board, energy module and empty canister. Go through the hole in the fence to the UFO and use the items to escape.

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