The Escapists 2 HMS Orca Prison Guide

The Escapists 2 HMS Orca Prison Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about escaping the prison both in solo and coop mode.

In this The Escapists 2 HMS Orca Prison Guide, we will guide you on how to escape from the H.M.S. Orca prison. We have some tips and tricks as well as escape plans for you to follow so that you can bust out with ease

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The Escapists 2 HMS Orca Prison

H.M.S. Orca Prison has four escape plans. Two of them are solo and two of them are multiplayer. They are detailed below.

First Escape

The first escape is Scuba Doo and it is only possible in solo. For this escape you need to collect an oxygen tank, duct tape and tubing. Once you have all the items, you will exit from the top floor of the ship. At the top floor, there is a gap on the side where the bridge connects for the people to disembark from the ship. That gap is your escape route. Dive in the water and escape.

Second Escape

Second escape is Wave Goodbye! and it is also possible only in singleplayer. For this escape, you will need a bolt and some tubing. Once you have the items, head to the bottom floor. Find and fix the jet ski. After it is fixed, use it to escape the ship.

Third Escape

Third escape is Masters of Illution and it is possible only in multiplayer. You need to create a fake gun for this escape. For this, you will require wax, soap, meal tray and some ink. Once you have a fake gun ready, head to the co-op door, which is located at the top floor of the ship, left of the cells. Go through the door and get to the chopper to escape the ship.

Fourth Escape

The last escape of this prison is Taking Back Control and this is also a multiplayer only escape. For this escape, you just need to beat up the guards in the control room and make them unconscious. Once they are knocked out, you can escape. This sounds easy but it quite challenging because once your heat gets up, more guards will be looking for you.

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