The Escapists 2 Cougar Creek Railroad Prison Guide – How to Escape, All Escape Plans, Solo and Coop

In this The Escapists 2 Cougar Creek Railroad Prison Guide, we will guide you on how to escape from the Cougar Creek Railroad prison in The Escapist 2. The Escapist 2 is the second installment in the highly acclaimed The Escapist game series. After the success of the first game, developer Team17 has developed The Escapist 2 featuring new maps, a lot of new features and a richer gameplay experience.

We have curated this The Escapists 2 Cougar Creek Railroad Prison Guide for you so you can easily escape from Cougar Creek Railroad prison. We have some tips and tricks for you in this The Escapists 2 Cougar Creek Railroad Prison Guide plus exclusive guides for all the prisons in The Escapist 2 so make sure to check them all.

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The Escapists 2 Cougar Creek Railroad Prison Guide

The Escapists 2 Cougar Creek Railroad Prison Guide details everything that you need to know about escaping from Cougar Creek Railroad prison in The Escapist 2.

How to Escape from Cougar Creek Railroad Prison

Cougar Creek Railroad Prison has four escape plans that you can choose from. Two of them are solo while two of them are multiplayer.

First Escape

First escape is My Little Phoney and it requires you to be solo. For this, you need to make a fake carrot. You need to find the items required for it on the train and you cannot move freely on the train. You will have to sneak around. The items that you require for the fake carrot are a green pen, an orange pen and a handkerchief.

None of the items are contraband so if you get caught while sneaking, you will still have them with you. Once you have all the items, head over to the carriage at the back with the horse running alongside it. Craft the fake carrot and walk to the opening to the carriage. Your escape is successful.

Second Escape

Second escape is Hooked on You and this is only achievable in solo. For this escape, you need to craft a grapple hook and a grapple head. To craft them both, you must find two crowbars, a piece of duct tape and a rope. Once you have the items, craft the grapple head and then the grapple hook. Remember that the items you require are contraband so they will be taken from you if you get caught but they will appear in the contraband desk next to the control room. So can sneak in there and get them.

Once done with the crafting, head to the carriage with the ladder in it. It is located to the front of the train. Climb the ladder and reach the top. Escape on the east side of the carriage.

Third Escape

Third escape is Do The Locamotive and it is only possible in multiplayer. All you need to do for this escape is find a good weapon from anywhere on the train, head to the front of the train and kill all three guards present in the front of the train. It sounds very simple but it is actually a very difficult escape because the guards are very tough to kill.

Fourth Escape

Fourth escape is Loose Caboose and it is also only possible in multiplayer. For this escape, you must find three crowbars on the train. After you have all three crowbars, get everyone on the back of the train and detach the caboose. Once done, your escape is complete. Again it sounds like a very easy escape but in reality, it is very challenging.

This concludes our The Escapists 2 Cougar Creek Railroad Prison Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, use the comments section below!

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