How To Escape The Cougar Creek Railroad Prison In The Escapists 2

The Escapists 2 Cougar Creek Railroad Prison Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about escaping the prison.

The Escapists 2 features many exciting maps for you to escape from, among these is the Cougar Creek Railroad Prison. This is one of the maps in the game that does not require any intellect to solve. The Cougar Creek Railroad Prison is on top of a train, and you will have four ways to escape, either in SinglePlayer mode or MultiPlayer mode.

This Escapist 2 Cougar Creek Railroad Prison Guide details every trick you need to employ in order to escape from this prison. Make sure you follow the instructions thoroughly so you don’t get caught.

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First Escape – My Little Phoney

The first method is a SinglePlayer method that requires the following items:

  • A green pen
  • An orange pen
  • A handkerchief

You will get these items by looking around the chests on the train. Once you have all three items, craft a Carrot and go to the first cart on the left. Equip the carrot go over to the horse and escape.

Second Escape – Hooked on You

This is another SinglePlayer method that requires the following items:

  • Crowbars x2
  • Duct tape
  • 1 rope

Once you have all the items, use the crowbars and duct tape to craft a grapple head, and then combine it with the rope to make a grapple hook. Once you have the item, go to the sixth cart to the right, go up the ladder, and move to the right to escape.

Third Escape – Do the Locomotive

This is a multiplayer-only escape method. It’s pretty simple: All you need to do is go to the very last car on the right and knock out the guards. You need to have a good weapon for this, and once you have taken down all the guards, you can escape.

Fourth Escape – Loose Caboose

The final way to escape is another multiplayer method. For this, you only need three crowbars, which you will find in chests throughout the train. Once you have all three crowbars, go to the left side of the train to the last car and detach the caboose to escape.

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