The Escapists 2 Air Force Con Prison Guide

The Escapists 2 Air Force Con Prison Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about escaping the prison in both solo and coop mode.

We have curated this The Escapists 2 Air Force Con Prison Guide for you so you can easily escape from Air Force Con prison. The guide will help give tips about all the escape plans, things to keep in mind about guards, the items required to escape from Air Force Con Prison and more.

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The Escapists 2 Air Force Con Prison

Air Force Con Prison has four escape plans. Two of them are solo while you will need friends for the other two. A general tip for this prison is that if you learn the movement pattern of the guards, this prison escape will be a piece of cake for you.

First Escape

First escape is Passport To Freedom and it is solo escape. For this escape, you need to craft a harness and a parachute. For them, you will need bed sheets and three ropes. Once you get the items, craft the harness and the parachute and head towards the cells. Once there exit on the door to the right and you will escape the prison.

Second Escape

Second escape is Plane Crazy and it is possible only in solo. You will require an energy module for this escape. You will need to explore the plane to find a circuit board, two batteries, a wire and a screwdriver. Once you have collected all the ingredients, craft an energy module and head towards the center of the plane. On the middle deck towards the top, you will find a control panel. Use the energy module and other items on the control panel and you will successfully escape.

Third Escape

Third escape is Regain Control and it is a multiplayer escape. You will need a friend for this escape plan, as he will be the co-pilot. This is a simple takeover plan. Take any weapons you have and head over to the top of the plane where the cockpit is located. Knock down the three guards that are there and take control of the plane to escape.


Fourth Escape

Fourth escape is Plane Sailing and it is also a multiplayer escape plan. For this plan, you need to fill up the inflatable boat at the bottom of the plane. Bring a long a friend and search the plane for three tanks of oxygen. Once you have found the tanks, head down to the cargo deck via the co-op door located on the bottom deck. Once there, fill the inflatable boat and escape.

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