The Escapists 2 Center Perks 2.0 Prison Guide

Our The Escapists 2 Center Perks 2.0 Prison Guide details everything that you need to know about escaping from Center Perks 2.0 prison. The three methods of escape we’ve detailed should be more than enough to bust you out with ease.

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The Escapists 2 Center Perks 2.0 Prison

There are three options for escaping from Center Perks 2.0 prison. We have detailed all three below:

First Escape
First Escape is the Perimeter Breakout escape. This is a very simple escape and does not require you to do anything special. All you need for this escape is a dummy and some cutters.

If you can get off the edge of the map, you escape the prison.

To do this, simply put the bed dummy in your room; go outside right before the afternoon roll call is over. Once you are outside, wait for the lights to go out.

In the dark, around 2 am, you can cut the fence using the cutters and leave the prison or you can dig an underground tunnel.

This can be done with friends or solo. Your intelligence level must be up to 50.

Second Escape
Second Escape is Meet the Crew and it can only be done in solo. For this first of all take your intelligence level up to 50. You will require civilian uniform and a fake boom mic.

You can get the civilian uniform on the second floor of the north side.

To craft the fake boom mic, you will require a broom, duct tape, and a radio receiver. Most of these items can be found in random inmate desks while the radio receiver is located on the desk where you will get the civilian uniform.

Third Escape
Third Escape is the Last post and it is only possible in multiplayer. You will need at least two people for this escape.

Item requirements for this escape is a fully crafted shipping crate. For crafting the shipping crate, the requirements of the item are timber, nails, bolts, and hammer.

Shipping crate is crafted in three parts so you will need to craft all three parts that are the bottom, the base, and the top. Once you have crafted the shipping crate, you must find a shipping address.

You can find one in a desk. Once you have the shipping address, you need to head to the east section of the map where you will find a door with ACCESS written on it.

It requires two players, one needs to hold the door so another one can go inside. Similarly, when the second one is inside, he can hold the door open for the first one to come inside.

Inside the room put all three parts of the shipping container on the golden platform so you can escape it.

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