The Escapists 2 Rattlesnake Springs Prison Guide

The Escapists 2 Rattlesnake Springs Prison Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about escaping the prison in both solo and coop mode.

In this The Escapists 2 Rattlesnake Springs Prison Guide, we will guide you on how to escape from the Rattlesnake Springs prison by highlighting different escape methods that you can follow to bust out with ease.

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The Escapists 2 Rattlesnake Springs Prison

Rattlesnake Springs has three escape plans. We have detailed them below:

First Escape

First escape is Perimeter Breakout. Simple as it sounds, you just need to get out of the perimeter fence of the prison and you will be free.

For this prison, there are different ways you can use which include cutting the fence, chipping through walls and digging. You will need to make the corresponding tools for implementing your escape plan.

Therefore, shovel, cutters or pickaxe will be the tools for this escape. You will need to walk around the fence and find a weak spot from where you can escape the prison.


Another way to do this is by getting a Duct Tape, Timber, and Sturdy Shovel or Pickaxe. Now go to the storage room near the Roll Call area and woodshop and start digging on the left side of the cupboard and get in the mine.

Once you enter the mine, there are blocks near it for you to continue the mine and dig them. Now get the lightweight pickaxe and upgrade it to sturdy.

Destroy the blocks in the way and then you have a route to escape.

There is one more way for the escape which require you to search for any opportunity to make money and farm at least 70 Coins.

Also obtain either a Crowbar or Iron Bar by buying it or find it in Inmates’ desks.

Now for the escape, head East on the first level of the prison and once you have reached the Eastern wall, take the nearby staircase. Go all the way South until you reach the wall over the front entrance of the prison and you will find a chair.

Chip the wall using either the Crowbar or Iron Bar. As this method is indoors, Lockdown will not automatically ensue unless you are caught by a Guard.

Pass through the hole and jump down and you are going to be out.

Second Escape

Second escape is Zip it Up and is it only for solo gameplays. For this escape, you need to craft a crossbow and a plastic red key. For the crossbow, you need timber, string, glue, bolts and a dowel.

All items can be found randomly except the dowel, which you will need to buy. Collect all the items and craft the crossbow.

For the plastic red key, you will need a puddy and melted plastic. For puddy, you will need talcum powder and toothpaste. Craft the plastic red key.

Now that you have both plastic red key and the crossbow, head to the north of the map. You will see a staircase.

Break the wall, use the vents or the red key and gain access to this staircase. Go up and you will find yourself at the roof of the prison. Now use your crossbow and escape.

Third Escape

Third Escape is Take out the Trash and it is multiplayer only. This escape is pretty tedious but it becomes easy with more people.

Try to get as many people with you as possible. The real problem in this escape is that the items that you require for this escape are very hard to find.

So more the people, more easily you can find them. You need to craft a cyan keycard copy, breathable garbage bag and a breathing mask.

Every player will require his or her own breathable garbage bag and breathing mask so each player will need to find the items for themselves.

For the cyan keycard copy, you will need a circuit board and wire. Now find a guard, take his card, make the copy and put it back.

Do not keep the guard’s card otherwise; it may jeopardize your escape plan. For the breathing equipment, you will need a handkerchief, tubing, 2 tape and a garbage bag.

Remember that each player needs to find these items. Once you have all the items, craft a breathing mask and a breathable garbage bag.

Once each player has their required items, head to the south side where the garbage disposal job is located. One player will hold the button and keep the door open for everyone.

Similarly, one player will then hold from inside to let this player inside. Once everyone is inside, equip the breathing equipment you just crafted and escape through the garbage bin.

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