The Division 2 Disrupt Propaganda Event Locations Guide

The Division 2 is brimming with content to keep you engaged for a long time. Even when you’re done with Story Missions, there are Side Missions and World Activities to keep you busy. Disrupt Propaganda Event is one such event.

The Division 2 Disrupt Propaganda Event Locations

Propaganda Event pops up on the map at no set time and can appear as a “?” on the map. You have to check the map every now and then to check whether the activity has popped up or not.

The “?” will appear at different places at different times so be sure to check which one is for the Propaganda Event.

As a general rule of thumb, the Propaganda Broadcasting only takes place on a street and two.

As you move closer to the “Question Mark”, it will change in a “Red Speaker” icon, confirming that the activity is of Propaganda Broadcasting. On completing this activity, you will be rewarded with XP and cosmetics.

How to Disrupt Propaganda Events

Whenever the location for this activity will appear on the screen, you have to follow it! As you reach the location, there will be enemies waiting for you. Eliminate all the possible opponents you see.

After clearing the location, reach the location of the speaker and activate it. The controls for the speaker are usually in the middle of the mission area.

Upon activating it, it will start Broadcasting Propaganda that will start attracting enemies and very soon, groups of enemies will surround you.

It will be wise to search for a good cover spot before activating the speaker so you can sneakily shoot at your enemies without losing the mission.

You cannot flee the place after activating the speaker. You have to stay and defend the broadcasting until it is complete. Kill any enemy reaching towards you or the speaker.

You have to re-activate the speaker whenever it crashes which will happen more than once and every time you reactivate it, it will attract a new wave of enemies.

It will take a good amount of your time until the broadcasting is on and enemies are coming. After the enemies have died down and you have cleared the area from all the enemies, your mission will end there.

Failing to defend the speaker or dying will result in the disappearance of the question mark and now you have to search for another one.

The question mark for the same mission will not respawn at the same location so you had better clear out the area and change gears.