The Cycle Frontier Smart Mesh Locations

Smart Mesh is a rare and important printing resource in The Cycle: Frontier. You will need it to print some of the most important items in the game.

You firstly need Smart Mesh to print all kinds of Muzzle Suppressors. You also need Smart Mesh to print the Heavy Duty Backpack as well as the Shield.

If you have them in excess, you can sell Smart Mesh for 1,709 K-Marks. They are furthermore associated with the Korolev faction and as such, you can earn 17 faction points to level up your faction reputation with Smart Mesh.

The following guide will show you where to find Smart Mesh in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Smart Mesh Locations

Smart Mesh is notably only found within Dumpsters and Industrial Crates in high-tier and dangerous areas.

Tier 5 Dumpsters have the highest spawn chance of 4.36%, which lowers across Tier 4 and Tier 3 areas. Tier 5 Industrial Crates have a 3.19% spawn chance on the other hand.

Bright Sands Smart Mesh Locations

There is not enough Smart Mesh to find in Bright Sands. There are only a couple of locations that give a handful of Smart Mesh for your precious time.

The Base Camp in the middle has a few Smart Meshes to find. So does the Abandoned Mine in the north and the East Collection Point.

The best location in Bright Sands though has to be the Dig Site, particularly its Korolev structures.

Crescent Falls Smart Mesh Locations

Crescent Falls is full of locations to farm a healthy amount of Smart Mesh. Start from Favela in the south and farm your way to the Nutrion Farms Processing while looting the forest area in-between.

Oasis in the west has a few Smart Mesh as well. When there, make your way east to the Starport Warehouse to loot some more.

The Lakeside Building and then the area around Greens Prospect are rich in Smart Meshes. In fact, these two locations are the best farming spots to bag several stacks of Smart Meshes.

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