How To Level Up Factions In The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier has three different factions that offer powerful gear and rewards. You will naturally be looking forward to obtaining all of that equipment. However, to do so, you will require to raise your reputation to level up factions.

The following guide will point out some of the ways through which you can level up factions in The Cycle: Frontier. It is best to get an early start because you will eventually be returning to a faction for their rewards.

How To Level Up Factions In The Cycle: Frontiers

There are a couple of ways to level up factions in The Cycle: Frontiers.

The first and rather obvious way is to complete all the campaign missions linked to the faction you are looking to level up.

Secondly, refrain from scrapping any items you find on the planet. You can instead sell those items to a faction to get their blessing and reputation points.

If you are looking to level up factions as quickly as possible, there are a few tips to follow in the way you complete your campaign missions.

To power-level factions, note that you can pick and activate up to three missions from a single faction. This makes it far more efficient to collect and hold on to items to complete all three missions in a single go.

Furthermore, you can choose to keep 3x stacks of every item on you at all times. Doing so will help you turn them in as soon as the mission unlocks. Hence, saving you from doing another run.

Lastly, sell everything you find on a planet to level up your faction of choice. The only exception you should make is saving your active quest items (obviously) and crafting materials that will go into your armor and attachment upgrades.

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