How To Reach Temple of Eiglay In Elden Ring

To reach the Temple of Eiglay in Volcano Manor, you need to defeat Godskin Noble first. After defeating the boss, you can access the Temple.

The Temple of Eiglay is located inside the Volcano Manor in Elden Ring and ties into the area’s larger questline. The temple is only accessible after you kill the boss that resides there; Godskin Noble.

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can reach the Temple of Eiglay in Elden Ring including the shortcuts you need to activate and the NPCs you need to interact with. Additionally, we’ll also be going over how you can unlock the elevator shortcut in the area.

Elden Ring Temple of Grace Location

To reach the Temple of Eiglay, you must first make your way to Volcano Manor. This can be done in two ways, you can either talk to Rya in the Atlus Plateau, who’ll transport you there, or you can make your way on foot. The latter is much more difficult so we recommend sticking to the former. Use the map below to gain a better understanding of the general area.

Speak to Tanith in Volcano Manor

As you enter Volcano Manor, you will come across a mysterious NPC named Tanith near a fireplace. Interact with her and she’ll give you the Drawing Room Keys. You need this item to open various doors inside Volcano Manor.

Reach Godskin Noble

Tanith will also ask you to join the Manor which you can do so by completing Tanith’s questline. However, completing the quest line isn’t required to reach the Temple of Eiglay. You can reach him by simply weaving your way through the manor.

Exit Tanith’s room then head straight and go into the room on your right. You will see an illusionary wall painting here. Strike it once to pass through. Enter the hallway behind it and make your way into the next room.

Look towards your right, and you will see a flight of stairs. Use them to go down, in the room downstairs you will come face to face with a Bloodhound Knight. You can choose to engage him or simply run past him. There will be another door here, towards the right of the room. Use it go out, and take the stairs in front of you to reach Prison Town Church.

Prison Town Church

This is the central area of Volcano Manor, and towards the right, you’ll see a bridge that you need to activate that acts as a direct shortcut to Godskin Noble’s boss arena. Next, make a right and follow the path around the wall until you come upon a flight of stairs.

At the stairs, the path splits into three routes. To reach Godskin Noble, take the bridge directly in front of you, this will lead you to a building where a Man-Serpent is guarding a locked door. Make your way to the right, where you’ll spot a ladder, and go up until you reach the rooftop.

Tread across the roof until you reach the opposite end. If you look down, you’ll see a platform, carefully Jump down onto it then enter the room. You’ll find an enemy in this room who you can kill or choose to ignore.  

Make your way to the left side of the room, where you’ll spot a window. Jumping out of it will lead you to the next site of grace.

Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace

jump onto the lower area, but be careful as it’s full of lava. Head east until you see a flight of stairs on your right. Head up and you’ll reach a rocky platform with another Man-Serpent. Take the elevator on the opposite end of the platform to reach the entrance of the Temple of Eiglay.

Before entering the temple/boss arena with Godskin Noble, make sure to activate the bridge shortcut. This will allow you to reach the boss arena much quicker, should you fail to defeat him.

Once you have done so, enter the Temple, and defeat Godskin noble. He’ll drop 50,000 runes, the Godksin Stitcher weapon, and the Noble Presence Ash of War.

How to fix The Temple of Eiglay lift not working

Outside the main temple, you can find a small room that houses a lift. Upon interacting with it for the first time, you’ll discover that it does not work. To activate the lift in the Temple of Eiglay, make your way back to the area’s site of grace. Towards the left of it, you’ll spot a pressure plate elevator.

Stand on it and it’ll take you up. Once you’re on the second floor, continue straight until you come upon a long flight of stairs going down. About halfway through, jump on the railing and drop down. There’ll be an open lava pit towards your left when you jump down, so proceed with caution.

Weave your way around the pit while sticking to your right and cross the bridge that is directly in front of you. Continue forward and drop down from the ledge onto a narrow path. Keep following the path up until you spot a tower to your left.

Use the platforms to safely cross the lava and jump into the first window along the tower wall. (If you jump into the lava and enter the stone archway beyond the tower, you can pick up a Somber Smithing Stone 7) There is an abductor present here, but you can run past it.

Next, simply go through the door in front of you and reach the end of the pathway in front of you. There’ll be a flight of stairs that lead you into another structure and inside the structure you’ll find the elevator which you can now activate and use.