Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom The Ultimate Dish? Walkthrough 

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Ultimate Dish is a side quest where you can turn your failed dishes into successful ones. Here is how!

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, The Ultimate Dish? is a cooking side quest that teaches Link some new recipes that he can make. Link can cook various delicious foods using different recipes. However, not all of them are successful endeavors. In this side quest, you can turn your culinary failures around and end up with good dishes. 

You will meet an NPC who can turn your failed dishes into successful ones. You will give your “Dubious Food” and “Rock-Hard Dish” to her and she will create something good out of them.

Today we’ll teach you how you can get this side quest and how you can complete it. 

How to start The Ultimate Dish? in Zelda: TotK

The Ultimate Dish quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

To start the ‘The Ultimate Dish?’ side quest, you have to converse with a Hylian NPC, Moza, who is an amateur cook and is found at the bottom of a well in her restaurant.  

To get to Moza’s well, head over to the Lanayru Wetland region and then proceed to the Rikoka Hills near the bank of the Telta Lake south of Shrine Island. In the Northeast part of the Rikoka Hills, you will find the Rikoka Hills Wells.

We have marked the exact point on the map below with the coordinates being 1711, -0653, and 0013. This well is where Moza’s restaurant is hidden and the ‘The Ultimate Dish?’ side quest begins.  


How to complete The Ultimate Dish? in Zelda: TotK

After you have located the Rikoka Hills Wells, you need to jump inside to find Moza’s restaurant there. Moza will be standing there right next to her cooking pot and you need to bring her your failed dish to transform. 

Talk to her and she will explain her whole deal. Once she’s done, you can now bring her either Rock-Hard Food or Dubious Food both of which are failed dishes.

If you don’t have these in stock, you can simply cook them first in Tears of the Kingdom by taking out your Portable Pot and throwing either minerals or monster parts in it.  

Once you have your failed dish, head over to Moza and converse with her. She will tell you that she can turn any of your culinary disasters into something delicious at the cost of 5 rupees only. However, this discount is only a one-time offer since it’s your first time. After this, you will have to pay 10 rupees.  

Now, after you give your failed dish to Moza, she will cook it and add her secret purple ingredient which will turn it into the Ultimate Dish.

This will be a Monster Stew. Moza will ask you to hurry up and eat the Monster Stew before it gets cold. But you don’t actually have to consume it now and save it for later.

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