Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Tsutsu-um Shrine Walkthrough

You are eventually going to find the Tsutsu-um Shrine which features an easy puzzle for you to solve in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. All you have to do here is create a platform with your Ultrahand ability to reach the upper levels.

Where to find the Tsutsu-um Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Tsutsu-um Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

The Tsutsu-um Shrine can be found near the Collseum Ruins. You can access the location marked on the map by travelling through the Aquame Bridge and making your way to the Shrine at the center with its exact coordinates being: -1424, -1342, 0067.

How to solve the Tsutsu-um Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

The Tsutsu-um Shrine features a pretty easy and straightforward puzzle to solve in Tears of the Kingdom. It starts with creating a platform to get to the upper levels.

Step 1) Create a Platform

Start off by using your Ultrahand ability to grab the plate with a stake sticking out of it. Shove the stake into the pillar that ascends down on the left to fill the gap between the platform and the pillar.

Jump onto the newly created platform and see as the pillar raises you up to the upper level.

Step 2) Get the chest

As you reach the upper platform, jump atop the fan on the right and glide your way to the top of the pillar on the left. Loot the Tsutsu-um Shrine chest and acquire 5x Arrow.


Step 3) Put the ball in port

Drop down after looting the chest and jump onto the fan again, but this time reach the area to the right and atop the set of platforms. This is where you will have to put the ball into the port.

To do so, you must use Ultrahand to grab one of the stakes and place them in a way that the rotating plate gets blocked. This will put the ball into the large wheel on the right as it drops down from above.

Now, grab another stake and place it onto the rotating wheel in a way that it pushed the ball into the port on the right. Thus, opening the door and completing the Tsutsu-um Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

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