How To Defeat Sludge-Like In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Sludge Like, aka Ambusher of Mipha Court, is mediocre boss players encounter while progressing in the ...

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Sludge Like, aka Ambusher of Mipha Court, is mediocre boss players encounter while progressing in the Sidon of Zora main questline. After talking to Jiahto at Toto and completing the three quests he gave, Link will return to Prince Sidon at Mipha Court.

That is when Sludge Like appears, and the boss fight immediately occurs. The following guide will help you defeat Sludge Like Boss by mentioning its strengths, weaknesses, and attack points.

Zelda TotK Sludge Like boss location

This boss appears when you return to Prince Sidon to report to him about your progress. He will meet you at Mipha Court (Ploymus Mountain Summit) this time. The easiest way is teleporting to the nearby Ihen-a Shrine.

How to defeat Sludge-Like in Zelda: TotK

The most valuable ability on your side will be Sidon’s Power of Water. When the prince uses this ability, Link gets covered in a protective layer of water that shields him from enemy attacks. You can also sway this circular water shield and throw a powerful long-rage attack at Sludge Like in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The sludge all over the nearby ground can also be washed away using Sidon’s power of water. Although other methods, such as Splash Fruit, are also useful, saving them for the Mucktorok boss fight is better.

Sludge Like attacks

Sludge-Like has two basic attacks that it uses against you. First, it throws chunks of sludge through the air and tries to slow down your motion. If it succeeds, you will be nearly stuck in the sludge cage around you where the boss can easily enjoy eating away your health.


The second is a bite attack, in which the boss opens its giant mouth and lets its gross tongue out. This attack should be avoided at all costs, as recovering health isn’t cheap in Tears of the Kingdom.

Battle strategy

As the boss’s name suggests, it is always covered with muddy sludge, and no part of its body bears any damage. No matter what attack you try on this tickling boss, the sludge nullifies all of it effortlessly. The only way to deal some damage is by waiting until the boss tries to do a bite attack.

As you dodge this attack by stepping back from the spot, its purple tongue comes out of the mouth, making it vulnerable and open to attacks in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Go near the boss and use a powerful weapon to stun it. Now quickly apply a burst of close-range attacks on its tongue to eat away a chunk of its health. As you see the boss coming to its senses, make a safe distance to avoid any possible damage.

Sludge Like will deploy the same set of attacks once again, so we don’t have to make another battle strategy. Simply repeat the attack-on-tongue process until it finally dies. Link gets Royal Claymore in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom as a reward for defeating the Sludge Like.

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