Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Serenade To Mija Walkthrough 

Serenade to Mija in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one of the Great Fairy side adventures that will allow you to upgrade armor!

Serenade to Mija is one of the many side adventures in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It is related to the Great Fairy Mija who is hiding in a flower bud at Mija’s fountain.

She is afraid of coming out due to the grievances of the outside world. You need to coax her out after which she will upgrade your armor. 

This can be with the help of a musician Eustus. He plays music which Mija is fond of and the only way to bring her out is to have him perform at the fountain. The problem is that Eustus is missing and you need to find him first.  

As such, this article will explain everything you need to complete this quest, from its starting location and all you need to do in it. Here is how you can complete Serenade to Mija in Zelda: TotK. 

How to unlock Serenade to Mija in Zelda: TotK 

Serenade to Mija quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

To unlock Serenade to Mija side adventure in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you must complete The Hornist’s Dramatic Escape side adventure first.

You can find the location of the Great Fairy Fountain in Tabantha Tundra regions at the precise coordinates of -1461, 2995, 0305


Once you are done with the pre-requisite side adventure, you can start Serenade to Mija adventure by talking to Mastro. You can find him at Hebra Mountains in the region of Tabantha Turdra in the Snowfield stable. The exact coordinates are 1632, 2586, and 0234.  

How to complete Serenade to Mija in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 

Once you are at the snowfield stable, you will learn about the Stable Trotters from Mastro. This is the band that Eustus is a part of.

He will also tell you about the Great Fairy Mija who loves the horn. Now Eustus is a horn player, a part of the Stable Trotters, but is stuck.  

Find Eustus

So to bring her out, we have to bring Eustus who will coax Mija with his horn to come outside. Mastro tells us someone heard some horn sounds close to the Tabantha Bridge Stable.

So Eustus may be around there. When you arrive at the location, keep an ear out for someone playing the horn. Follow it and you will find Eustus stuck in a pit.

Complete The Hornist’s Dramatic Escape

Once you reach Tabantha Bridge stable, you will be able to observe a giant hole in the ground. You will see Eustus inside who’s gotten himself stuck.

This is done as part of The Hornist’s Dramatic Escape side adventure. You need to fix his broken vehicle and bring him out of this pit using the Zonai devices nearby.

Return to the stable

Once Eustus is free, he will return to Snowfield stable and regroup with his band. Now the Stable Trotters need to reach the Great Fairy’s fountain.

The best way to do so is by using the wagon. Unfortunately, the weather condition is drastically worsening. So the wagon will need a roof to protect the inhabitants from the weather.

Repair the wagon roof

Look around near the wagon and you will find several sheets. Use your Ultrahand and grab a sheet to put on the wagon to make its roof. Now find a horse nearby and attach a Towing Harness to it using Ultrahand.

You can purchase a horse from the stable as well and the stablemaster will offer to attach the towing harness.

Now use Ultrahand to lift the wagon and place it near the horse with the Towing Harness. Attach the harness to the wagon and now you’re ready to go. Mount the horse and lead the way.

Find Mija

Follow the marker and make your way across the tundra to Mija’s fountain. The way forward is easy to follow so just enjoy the ride.

Once you get to the fountain, Eustus and the band will play their music and Mija will appear. You will also be awarded a Silver Rupee for the effort you have done so far in completing Serenade to Mija in Tears of the Kingdom.

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