Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Royal Halberd Locations

Royal Halberd is a two-handed spear in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and is considered among the best weapons of its kind. Although Royal ...

Royal Halberd is a two-handed spear in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and is considered among the best spears in the game. Although Royal Halberd has only seven Base Attack Power, its Endurance and Guard-Breaking abilities make it a potent weapon.

Our guide below will help you identify the dwelling locations of Royal Halberd and the way to reach those in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find Royal Halberd in Zelda: TotK

Although Royal Halberd is a great weapon, you can still find it in many places in Hyrule. Most of these locations belong to Hyrule Castle and East Necluda Regions.

Second Gatehouse – Hyrule Castle

The majestic Hyrule Castle is the first place to get a Royal Halberd. Start your journey from Lookout Landing Skyview Tower by launching yourself using the tower’s launcher switch. When you are high up, look north for the flying castle and start gliding towards it.

Ensure you have an upgraded Stamina Gauge in Zelda TotK or lots of Energizing Elixirs, as you may quickly run out of stamina before reaching your destination. Consult the pointer on the map snapshot for an exact location.

Coordinates: -0154, 0895, 0284


You must land at the Second Gatehouse, then drop down below to reach Hyrule Castle B1. Look around for a treasure chest containing the Royal Halberd in Zelda TotK. It will most likely be a little right to the front wall of the basement.

Adjacent to Princess Zelda’s Room – Hyrule Castle

The second Royal Halberd can be obtained from the same castle, on the western corner this time. Make your way to Princess Zelda’s Room and move a little to the north, toward the waterway.

You will find the Royal Halberd in a treasure chest in Zelda TotK. Consult the pointer on the map snapshot (and Coordinates: -0289, 0968, 0299) for a precise location.

Cape Cales – East Necluda

This Royal Halberd is hidden inside a treasure chest in Cape Cales, east of Mount Dunsel and on the shore of Necluda Sea. The nearest fast-travel point is Bamitok Shrine in Zelda TotK, where you can easily reach this spear.

Coordinates: 3362, -3251, 0179

Gut Check Rock – Eldin Mountains

There is also a Royal Halberd Spawn location near the Gut Check Rock, west of Skull Lake in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The spear will most probably be placed on the body of a beast lying on the ground. The closest shrine happens to be the Kimayat Shrine. You can fast-travel to this shrine to get the Royal Halberd Spear.

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