Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Right Arm Depot Guide

Finding the Right Arm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is one of the objectives of the Guidance from Ages Past quest. After completing the Secret of the Ring Ruins quest, you will get this quest. You will need this part to complete the Mineru Statue in Zelda TotK. This guide will help you find the Right Arm of Mineru Statue in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to access Right Arm Depot in Zelda TotK

To find the right arm depot, head northwest from Mineru’s statue to the coordinates 0641, -2106, and -0519.

The entrance to Right Arm Depot in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is hidden by red moss growing in the Construct Factory. The best way to help find your way to the depot is by activating the Lightroot to illuminate the area and help you find your way in the area easier.

When you enter the Right Arm Depot, interact with the Zonai console to drop the large box containing the Right Arm. The way back is blocked, so you need to get through the depot to progress back to Construct Factory.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Right Arm Depot puzzle solution

A conveyer belt to the console’s right allows you to take the block up.

Before you put the block on the belt, make sure you put the pully on the block so the belt can pull the block up. Set it up as shown and put the block on the belt. You can also use the block to run up.


Next, there is a large slanted platform with an edge on it. You need to set the block on the slanted platform and place a fan behind the block in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. There are no fans around, so use one from your inventory.

Also, put a battery on the fan to activate it. The platform is electrified so that you won’t be wasting your energy. Activate the fan in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom to push the block to the other end. To get there yourself, there are stairs leading down to the right of the platform.

These will allow you to cross to the other side. Here, just pick the block and take it outside. There are stone slabs and medium wheels here. Use them to create a cart and put the block on the new cart.

This will allow you to freefall directly from the stairs before you get to the Construct Factory to return to the Mineru Statue. Set the arm in the correct orientation, and you can place it in. This will help you complete the Right Arm Depot objective in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Once all the Construct pieces for Mineru statue are in place, you can make your way to the Spirit Temple and go up against Seized Construct boss.

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