Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Open The Door Walkthrough

You can get the "Open the Door' side quest from Jogo and Yammo who are hiding in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Many side quests in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom involve Link helping people and one of such quests is the ‘Open the Door’ side quest in which Link has to help a couple trapped inside a wooden cabin.

In the ‘Open the Door’ side quest, Link has to defeat three monsters outside the cabin in the Hebra region to protect the couple hiding inside.

After the monsters are gone, the couple will thank Link for helping them and reward him with a Spicy Elixir and Shield Surf which are pretty great rewards for such a straightforward side quest.

How to start Open the Door in Zelda: TotK

The two travelers, Jogo and Yammo, assign the ‘Open the Door’ side quest to you after you interact with the door of the house they are hiding in Tears of the Kingdom.

This house is found in the Tabantha Village Ruins south of the Tanagar Canyon in the Hebra Region with the exact coordinates being x-axis -2675, y-axis 1677, and z-axis 0256. To facilitate the players, the exact location of this house is also marked on the map below.

There are no special prerequisites for starting the ‘Open the Door’ side quest only except for starting the ‘Regional Phenomena’ main quest.


How to complete Open the Door in Zelda: TotK

‘Open the Door’ is a simple and straightforward side quest in Tears of the Kingdom with only a few steps that you need to follow in order to complete it.  

Examine the door

To start the ‘Open the Door’ side quest, go near the wooden cabin’s door and examine it so that you can hear Jogo and Yammo talking. After doing so the quest marker will appear on your screen and this side quest will commence.

Jogo and Yammo will not open the cabin door, however, you will be able to hear them talking about the monsters outside and how they will not unlock the door till the monsters are gone.

Kill the monsters

The monsters Jogo and Yammo were talking about are the three Bokoblins resting by a campfire right next to the hut. You need to take them down to complete this side quest.

Bokoblins are quite common in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and they are very easy to take down. Sneak up from behind and attack the Bokoblins or just freeze them using the Ice Orb. If you choose to freeze them, you can easily kill them without any counterattacks and then collect the loot they drop.

Go inside the hut

Now that the Bokoblin monsters are out of the way, you can go back to the cabin door. Examine the door and this time Jogo and Yammo will open it as they will no longer hear the monsters outside.

After the door is opened, a cut scene will be triggered in which Jogo and Yammo will thank you for helping them.

They will tell you that they were traveling through Hebra in search of a professional shield surfer and then decided to stay in the cabin in order to protect themselves from the cold but were ambushed by the Bokoblin monsters.

Yammo will reward you with the Spicy Elixir that offers Cold Resistance and is a useful item to have while traversing through the chilly Hebra region. She will also introduce you to shield surfing and grant you her extra Shield Surf that has been lying around.

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