How To Get Grizzlemaw-Bear Fabric In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Grizzlemaw-Bear Fabric is a quest reward that you can use to change the fabric of your glider in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Grizzlemaw-Bear Fabric is one of the many fabric types that you can use to customize your glider in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

If the name did not already give it away, the Grizzlemaw-Bear Fabric has pictures of the ferocious Grizzlemaw Bear on it. However, you need to go through a few hoops to unlock this special glider fabric.

How to get Grizzlemaw-Bear Fabric in Zelda: Totk

Grizzlemaw-Bear Fabric can be obtained as a reward for completing a side quest in Tears of the Kingdom. Head over to Hateno Village to find Sayge, the owner of the Kochi Dye Shop. He is trying to make a new glider fabric based on Chuchu.

However, he needs a photo of them to use as a reference. This will begin a side quest called Photographing a Chuchu where you need to take a literal photograph of a Chuchu in the wild using your in-game camera and bring the photo to him.

Sayge, though, will still not be satisfied. He needs more photo references. Your next goal will be then to photograph a Grizzlemaw Bear for him.

Grizzlemaw Bear locations

Grizzlemaw Bears are ferocious creatures that can shred you to ribbons. They are also pretty rare, mostly found in the mountainous valleys and snowy peaks of Tears of the Kingdom. They are not going to be that easy to find and photograph.

Zelda TotK Grizzlemaw Bear locations

In your search for Grizzlemaw-Bear Fabric in Tears of the Kingdom, you need to make your way to the western border of the Hebra Mountains. The location (1) marked on the map above has a guaranteed Grizzlemaw Bear roaming about.

Secondly, you can also move south towards the Tauyosipun Shrine. There has been a sighting of a Grizzlemaw Bear somewhere in the vicinity. Keep searching around the location (2) marked on the map.

When you do spot the giant creature, keep your distance. Quickly take a photograph and get out of there. Take the photo back to Sayege to start another delightful conversation with the dye-shop owner.

Finally, when you see the chance, ask him to “rework the paraglider” and show him the Grizzlemaw Bear photo. Sayege will craft you a new Grizzlemaw-Bear Fabric in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to use the Grizzlemaw-Bear Fabric

Speak with Sayege again to rework your glider using your new Grizzlemaw-Bear Fabric. For such a great custom job, you only need to dish out 20 rupees.

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