How To Get To Great Plateau North Chasm In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Considering the difficulty of finding the other Chasm in Zelda TotK, finding the Great Plateau North Chasm is no exception.

The Depths in Zelda: TotK is a mystery; multiple side quests are available in this underground world. Great Plateau North is one of the Chasms used to access the Depths from the Surface of the Hyrule map in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Considering the difficulty of finding the other Chasm in the game, finding the Great Pleasure North is no exception.

Great Plateau North Chasm location in Zelda TotK

The Great Plateau North Chasm is a bit south of the middle of the Hyrule map. You can find the North Chasm entrance between the Forests of Spirits and South to Lake Kolomo. The exact coordinates for the Great Plateau North are (-0665, -1510, 0049).

How to get to Great Plateau North Chasm in Zelda TotK

Kyokugon Shrine is the nearest Shrine to the Great Plateau North Chasm. To reach here, players can fast travel to Kyokugon Shrine. You can then travel North East to reach the North Chasm ultimately.

In addition to it, Kamizone Shrine and Riogok Shrine are also located in the neighboring areas. You can reach the North Chasm by taking the road leading to the west from the blockage site. This will happen while playing the “A Call from the Depths” side quest in Zelda TotK.

Activities in Great Plateau North Chasm

The main activity happening in the Great Plateau North surroundings is finding the four stone eyes of the giant statue hidden in the depths. Each Great Plateau Chasm in TotK has one eye in its near vicinity that you need to deliver to the giant eyeless statue. Delivering the eye will complete the “A Call From The Depths” quest.


You can locate The Stone Eye for the North Chasm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom of the Great Plateau resting in the nearby water stream. You can use the powers of Ultrahand to pick this stone from the water and throw it into the hole.

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