Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Codgers’ Quarrel Quest Walkthrough

Diffuse the Codgers' Quarrel to tackle the Bokoblin Forces

Codger’s Quarrel is one of the side quests in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in which you must prove your warrior capabilities by defeating enemy monsters known as Bokoblins. In this side quest, you must help an old lady, Trissa, by finding two NPCs who help stock her general store.

Olkin and Steen usually bring goods to Trissa’s store, but they have gone to the Ring Ruins to fight off the monsters there. Instead of doing what they were sent to do, they keep arguing, and you must take their task for yourself.

After you kill the monsters and return to the store, Trissa will reward you with an Endura Carrot. But this quest commences only after you talk to Trissa in her store, so let us look for its exact location.

How to start Codgers’ Quarrel in Zelda: TotK

The ‘Codgers’ Quarrel’ side quest begins at the High Spirits Produce store in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Trissa runs this store and is in the Kakariko Village, west of the Shuteye Inn and directly north of the Makasura Shrine.

The exact coordinates of this general store are (1790, -1030, 0115) at the location specified on the map, which can easily be reached by fast traveling to the Makasura Shrine.

Once you reach there, talk to Trissa, and she will tell you that two people, Olkin and Steen, who helped stock her store, went to find some monsters. They have been missing since then, and she is getting worried. This will start the Codgers’ Quarrel side quest and add it to your journal.

How to complete Codgers’ Quarrel in Zelda: TotK

Selecting the Codgers’ Quarrel quest from the journal will mark the location of both Olkin and Steen on your map. They are near Ring Ruins southwest of Kakariko Village.

1. After conversing with Trissa, exit the store and head towards the Ring Ruins to look for Olkin and Steen, who can be reached in many ways.

2. You can mark the location on your map and then travel there, or you can use the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower to reach the ruins in less time, where both the NPCs are present.

3. Once you are at the Ring Ruins, you will see Olkin and Steen arguing and another NPC, Drenja, sitting next to them.

4. Go to Drenja and strike up a conversation with him in which he will tell you that Olkin and Steen have been squabbling over the fighting strategy while the priceless stone slab is in danger due to the Bokoblin monsters roaming around the area.

5. Since Olkin and Steen are of no use, you must take the responsibility of fighting the Bokoblin monsters upon yourself.

6. Head forward from where you met Drenja, and you will see three Bokoblin monsters resting around a campfire.

7. One of the Bokoblin is silver, while the other two are blue. Silver Bokoblins are strong foes that can kill you with a single hit and are attack sponges.

8. Take out your most powerful weapon and defeat the Blue Bokoblins first. Then, focus your attacks on the silver one.

9. Once this enemy is stunned, you can hit it endlessly on the ground, increasing your survival chances.

10. Once all the monsters are defeated, look for a treasure chest behind the area where these monsters were sitting. It contains a bundle of five Giant Brightbloom Seeds.

11. Now, climb the building behind you, and you will find one more Bokoblin waiting on top. Take it down as well to clear the area of all the monsters.

12. Once all the Bokoblins are dead, you can go back to Olkin and Steen, who will still be arguing in the same place where they were present before. Talk to them, and they will tell you that your balance between defense and offense is impressive. They will also remember that they must return and bring goods for Trissa’s store as the people must be in need.

13. Now, you can also go back to Trissa’s store and talk to her. She will thank you for defeating the monsters and bringing her suppliers back.


As a reward for your help, Trissa will give you an Endura Carrot, a special ingredient that can replenish your stamina and give you energy.

After you obtain your reward from Trissa, the Codgers’ Quarrel side quest will come to an end in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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