How To Get The Boulder Breaker In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

You need to complete the Soul of the Gorons quest to get your hands on the Boulder Breaker in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Boulder Breaker is another handy weapon to not only smash enemies but also break down rocks and stones that are blocking your path in Tears of the Kingdom.

This two-handed weapon is an upgrade of the base Cobble Crusher, featuring the Demolisher passive ability. Whenever you spot a cave entrance that is blocked by rubble, use your Boulder Breaker to open the way forward and unearth riches hidden inside.

To get the Boulder Builder in Zelda: TotK, you must go through a bit of questing around the Goron City.

How to get the Boulder Breaker in Tears of the Kingdom

To get your hands on the Boulder Breaker in Zelda: TotK, you must complete a side quest known as Soul of the Gorons that can be found in the Goron City region.

The coordinates for the quest location are: -0296, 0805, 0053. We have also marked the location on the map image below for your convenience.

Do note that you need to first complete the Yunobo of Goron City main quest as a prerequisite.

The quest location which gets you the Boulder Breaker in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Soul of the Goron side quest involves Rohan and his apprentice Fugo who are keen on creating the Boulder Breaker in Tears of the Kingdom. Unfortunately, they lack the right crafting materials that is where you come in.

You need to find the following items listed below and take them to Fugo, after which he will craft the Boulder Breaker for you.

Does the Boulder Breaker respawn after it breaks in Zelda: TotK?

Keep using the Boulder Breaker to smash enemies and it will eventually break. No worries though. If you want to obtain the Boulder Breaker again in Tears of the Kingdom, all you have to do is bring the same crafting materials to Fugo in Goron City. He will craft the weapon for you every time.

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