Tales of Arise Lord Vholran Igniseri Boss Guide

If you needed help with the Lord Vholran Igniseri Boss Fight in Tales of Arise, then you’ve come to the...

If you needed help with the Lord Vholran Igniseri Boss Fight in Tales of Arise, then you’ve come to the right place as we’ll be covering that encounter in detail throughout this guide. We will be providing a suitable strategy for the fight and tell you all about Vholran’s attack patterns as well.

Tales of Arise Lord Vholran Igniseri Boss

The Water Lord Vholran Igniseri, will not go down without a fight, and walking headfirst into the fight would not be a wise thing to do.

How to Defeat Lord Vholran in Tales of Arise

We have put together a few tips for you to follow and make this fight a lot easier for yourself. After the long cutscene, Vholran will charge at you, and the fight will start.

Phase One

As soon as the fight starts, you can go in for a few early slashes and then back off. Vholran has a good defense, and he uses his sword to deflect attacks from all sides.  He can perform quick spinning attacks and knock you out so, don’t stay close for too long.

Vholran has a significantly chunky health bar so expect this to be a long encounter. You have to rely on your party members to work together and execute chain attacks.  He can also attack with AoE attacks, so mind your surroundings.

Once Vholran’s health is reduced by around 25%, you will have an opening to go for a tag-team attack. Do that and stun the Water lord for a few seconds. This is your moment to inflict as much damage as you possibly can.

Upon reducing Vholran Igniseri’s health to 50%, he will get a power boost, and he will now be placing multiple AoE attacks around the arena and chase you aggressively. Do not try and go for damage at this point because he will shred you with quick attacks.

Keep using your party member’s special attacks as you get them and inflict steady damage. Just keep an eye for his sudden quick slashes, and you should be good.

Phase Two

After depleting all of Lord Vholran’s health, a cutscene will trigger and mark the start of the second phase. Lord Vholran will evolve into Sovereign Vholran Igniseri. Do not try to be reckless here, as Vholran’s attacks pack a heavy punch now.

His AoE attacks are much wider and far more aggressive now. Keep your health up by consuming heals and maintaining a safe distance between yourself and Vholran.

Once again, bringing him down to 50% health will trigger a powerful attack. He will summon an ice sword from the sky, which will inflict damage on the whole arena. The only way to avoid it is if you dodge the ice with perfect timing.

After that, it’s just a matter of depleting his health bar until the next cutscene starts. This one is around 3 mins long, so sit tight and enjoy the ending of the Lord Vholran Igniseri Boss Fight.

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