How to Use Strategy Setups in Tales of Arise

Strategy setups in Tales of Arise basically define the approach of your party in any particular combat. In this guide, we will be taking a dig into how you can use strategy setups in Tales of Arise and the best Strategy Setups for each type of situation.

How to Use Strategy Setups in Tales of Arise

There are a total of 9 default strategy setups n Tales of Arise to choose from, with each one of them featuring various functions and suited to different types of enemies and scenarios.

Here is the complete list:

  • No items
  • Focus on healing
  • Save CP
  • Fight with moderation
  • Fight aggressively
  • Don’t spend CP
  • Go all out against bosses
  • Don’t do anything
  • Healing only

Apart from selecting any of the default strategy setups, you can also create custom-tailored strategies. Below, we have detailed every that you need to know about that and more.

So, let’s begin!

Using Default Strategy Setups

Your team’s strategies can be accessed from the strategy menu. While in-game, each of your party members will have one strategy assigned to them.


You can switch between any of the four, even during a fight. Your chosen strategy is represented with a flag symbol next to it. So, to change it move this flag symbol to your desired strategy.

Furthermore, you can also change any of the strategies in your strategy menu.

For that, just tap on the strategy slot you want to replace, and the list of all the preset strategies will appear; choose the one that you want from them.

The party member assigned to that slot will now have a new fighting approach.

Customizing Strategies

Oftentimes, it’s quite possible that none of the preset strategies complements your fighting style. That’s when you should consider building custom strategies.

So, first off, from the strategy menu, choose a slot you’d like to replace with your custom strategy and then tap on Change Tactic Details.

Once you do that, a list of actions will pop up right in front of you. You can add or delete as many actions as you want.

Also, keep in mind that for an action to work, you must define both of its conditions.

Once you have picked the desired actions for your custom strategy, save the settings and get ready to be on the adventurous world of Tales of Arise!