Tales of Arise Chronos Boss Guide

This guide aims to help you defeat the Chronos Boss in Tales of Arise. Chronos is the ruler of Time...

This guide aims to help you defeat the Chronos Boss in Tales of Arise. Chronos is the ruler of Time and Space so expect this fight to be a bit different from your other encounters. We have handpicked the best tips for you to follow and the best Chronos without any hassle.

Tales of Arise Chronos Boss

We will be guiding you about the moves Chronos uses and the best way to defeat him. We made sure that every party member had an important role to play during the fight and helped in making things a lot easier for you.

Confronting Chronos

After you sit through the initial cutscene, your fight against Chronos, the ruler of time and space, will begin. He is immensely powerful, so; we suggest that you keep your guard up and only go in for damage when there is an ample window. Chronos’ attacks deal a lot of damage so, getting caught in a combo will spell doom for you.

Chronos Uses Ranged slash attacks, so be ready to dodge quickly. Combine Alphen and Rinwell’s attacks to get in some decent damage. After Chronos uses the ranged slash attack, you have a short window to close in and get a few hits in.

Chronos’s Deadly Attacks

Once you deplete half of his health bar, Chronos will unleash a massive light beam attack that moves counterclockwise. The only way to dodge it is to run in the other direction quickly. Keep popping heals if you or your teammates are running low on health.

Chronos can use another deadly attack where he stops time and freezes everyone on the battlefield except himself, and then closes in to inflict massive damage.  Your only option is to keep your health up and tank the damage. Even if you are downed, you can revive yourself using the appropriate potion.

Deplete his health bar completely to engage in a long cutscene and conclude the boss fight.

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