Steelrising Best Build: How To Become Overpowered Early On

With multiple weapons, armor, attributes, and classes available, you might be wondering what the best build looks like in Steelrising....

With multiple weapons, armor, attributes, and classes available, you might be wondering what the best build looks like in Steelrising.

Despite its Souls-like inspiration and design attempts, building the best character in Steelrising is not that difficult or challenging. There is less of a grind involved, allowing you to become fairly overpowered against the many bosses and mini-bosses during the early-mid sections of the game.

The following guide will tell you about the best build to have in Steelrising.

The agility-counterattack build in Steelrising

Most players will choose between agility or power for a good build in Steelrising. Combining agility with counterattack though makes for the perfect build to have in the game.

The agility-counterattack build excels in doing a powerful series of combo attacks to slice and immobilize enemies. Counterattacking is a rare feature in Steelrising because only certain weapons can parry enemy attacks. This build utilizes the Nemesis Claws in that regard to stagger enemies and with the right module, heal you for a decent portion as well.

The Dancer class needs agility, vigor, and durability

In addition to agility, this build focuses on vigor and durability as well. Those are the two most important attributes that you will need to invest in throughout the game.

Agility will help you scale with your weapon. Vigor is needed to increase stamina and critical damage, both of which this agility-focused build focuses on. Finally, durability improves your health to increase your survival chances.

You are advised to pick the Dancer class for this build, but any other class would do it as well since weapons and armor are not tied to any single class.

The Nemesis Claws is all you need

You need the Nemesis Claws as your primary weapon of choice for this agility-focused build. This is also one of the few weapons in the game that lets you counterattack while scaling with high agility.

The best part about the Nemesis Claws is that you can unlock them very early in the game, allowing you to start tailoring your build from the beginning. Combined with the rest of the attributes and equipment, you will quickly find yourself overpowering enemies and bosses during the mid-game sections.

You will find the Nemesis Claws in a chest in Saint-Cloud just before fighting the Unstable Lightning Ram. Make sure to upgrade the weapon to level 4 as quickly as possible to boost your combo damage.

For your secondary weapon, you can pick whatever you feel is good. The Nemesis Claws will mostly get the job done in every situation. The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket, for example, is a good backup option to target enemies at range while acting as a shield. However, once you enter the mid-game locations, you will find little use to pick enemies off at range.

The Grand Veneur armor set makes you a tank

Any armor piece that offers good protection can work with this build. The Muscadin Bicorn is a good hat armor that you can find in the same areas where you find the Nemesis Claws, and which will continue to do its best until the late game.

For the rest of your armor pieces, the Grand Veneur set in the Tuileries will boost your defensive stats for the late game.

Fortifying Counter module heals you for every counterattack

The Fortifying Counter module is the one you should go for in this build. You can purchase this module from any Boutique for 3000 Anima.

The Fortifying Counter module heals you for a decent portion every time you do a successful counterattack. Since this build is all about using agility and counterattacking, you will always be at full health in every fight with just a single counterattack.

You can also implant the Efficient Charging module. to boost the physical damage of your charged attacks. You will be using plenty of charged attacks, so this module makes sure to make them more effective.

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