Where To Find Module Keys In Steelrising

Steelrising is a souls-like game is set in 1789 France. You play as a mechanical bodyguard of Marie Antoinette, named Aegis. Your main objective is to fight against the tyrannical King Louis XVI. For this uphill task, you have a plethora of tools at your disposal. One of them is known as Module Keys.

The following guide will explain what Module Keys are and how you can get them in Steelrising.

What are Module Keys used for in Steelrising?

Module keys help you upgrade modules in your procession and unlock new module slots. These modules modify combat performance by giving different passive buffs to Aegis like increasing health regeneration or resistance to a certain element.

Once module slots are max upgraded, four modules can be equipped at a time, and each of them can be upgraded twice. Initially, you can only equip one module.

To equip the max number of keys you need to unlock more module slots. This can be done by upgrading at Vestal using module keys. The open world has plenty of module keys floating around so you can easily upgrade to the max level of module slots.

How to get Module Keys in Steelrising?

One way to earn module keys is to simply explore the open world of Paris. While roaming the French streets, you can access many secret areas using your mobility abilities such as Bishop’s Hook and Alchemist’s Ram which might contain module keys.


You can also find broken automata that also contain a module key along with the respective module. Furthermore, defeating titans spawns a chest that might contain a module.

If you are bored with just exploring you can always fight unstable bosses. These look like regular enemies but have a blue aura around them. They are also much stronger than their regular version. Beating them can also reward you with a module key along with a module to use that key in.

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