How To Counterattack/Parry In Steelrising

Steelrising has a way to counterattack which works similar to the parrying mechanics of any other Souls-like game, albeit a little differently.

You can parry attacks during combat but with only certain weapons. In Steelrising, counterattacking/parrying is a special combat feature tied to certain weapons, not all of them.

Due to the harsh combat systems, being able to deflect an enemy attack is not only a blessing but also one of the more important mechanics to learn in the game.

The following guide will show you how to counterattack/parry in Steelrising.

How to counterattack in Steelrising

You first need to make sure that your weapon has the counterattack ability. To do that, open up your Equipment tab to check your current weapons. Look in the bottom-left corner of the weapon. If it reads “Counterattack” as a special move, you are in business.

Counterattacking/Parrying is done using the secondary attack. However, there is more to parrying than simply pressing the secondary attack button. The parry technique lasts for half a second, so only attacks that are launched on you within that time will be deflected. If the timing is a bit off, you will fail to parry and get hit by the enemy attack instead.


Learning to parry can be quite risky at first as you will likely mess up the timing and end up getting hit but once you get used to the timing and the attack patterns of the enemies, you can easily parry them and attack them with a counterattack to deal them damage.

Once an enemy gets counterattacked, they are dealt with a fair bit of damage and depending on the weapon you’re using, you can even knock down your opponents which will give you an even bigger advantage during your fights.

Best counterattack weapons in Steelrising

There are two weapons in Steelrising so far that are considered the best for counterattacking and deal the most damage to the enemies when an enemy is parried.

  • Wheel of Vengeance
  • Nemesis Claws

Both of these weapons are great weapons for parrying. When an enemy gets counterattacked with these two weapons, they are knocked down and the effects from the counterattack set the enemy on fire to deal bonus damage. So, if you are looking for a good parry weapon in Steelrising you should definitely go for these two weapons.

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