Steelrising: Oil Burette Upgrade Locations

Being under the rule of the Queen, Aegis is set to fight several adversaries throughout the course of her journey...

Being under the rule of the Queen, Aegis is set to fight several adversaries throughout the course of her journey in Steelrising. With each fight tougher than the previous one, Aegis is bound to be exhausted.

This is where the Oil Burette comes to her aid which is a healing potion that helps her heal instantly during combat. The further you advance in the storyline, the enemies are going to become harder and more difficult. You will, hence, have to also work to upgrade your Oil Burette for better heals.

The following guide will show you how to upgrade your Oil Burette and all of the Oil Burette upgrade locations in Steelrising.

How to upgrade Oil Burette in Steelrising

Upgrading your Oil Burette in Steelrising is a pretty simple task. You can either find a Lavoisier Catalyst to increase the number of doses or a Lavoisier Sublimator to increase the amount of restored health. Both of these are rare items and are found in various chests scattered all around the map.

Upon acquiring these rare items, you can place them into the Oil Burette at a Vestal. Once placed, select upgrade to initiate the process of either increasing doses or restoring health.

However, in case you’ve found the process of finding these rare items troubling, you can go for the easy way out by purchasing Ordinary Oil Vials from the Boutique for a single use.

Where to find Oil Burette upgrade locations

Finding all of the Oil Burette upgrade locations will unlock the Professional Care trophy/achievement. Therefore, it’s best to start exploring the map to come across each location as soon as possible.

Below are all the Oil Burette Upgrade locations in Steelrising.

Find each required compass and head down the hill to come across a Vestal. Explore the area to find a well that has a chest behind it. Inside, is a Lavoisier Catalyst.

Les Invalides
Visit the Factory Port to find the Lavoisier Sublimator on the left side. The location is found right after a white paper comes to view on the screen.

La Cité
When collecting the ring as a part of a storyline, you’ll come across Vestal to interact with. Simply drop down the bridge to find the Lavoisier Sublimator inside a chest.

Visit the Temple Building at the start of the district to find an automat Ice Squire nearby. Above the automat is a hook point that will lead you to the chest that holds one of the rare items inside.

Early on in the game when Mirabeau’s house is a tiny square, you’ll come across some wooden barrels that have a chest near them with the Lavoisier Catalyst inside.

This is quite a tricky one to find. A Lavoisier Sublimator can be found inside a quarry but for that you must enter an open area with a Ram and two Arachnids in it.

Here, you must break through two gates in a sequence to come across a fork. Head to the road going up to find some wooden scaffoldings. Underneath the scaffoldings is a chest with the Lavoisier Sublimator inside.

La Bastille
Head over to the ramparts of the Bastille to find a Lavoisier Catalyst near a massive gilded cannon.

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