Starfield Winning Hearts And Minds Walkthrough

You must put up some posters to inspire people as part of the Winning Hearts and Minds mission in Starfield.

A bartender who wants to inspire people through his drawings wants you to help him put up posters he made all around New Atlantis in Winning Hearts and Minds side quest in Starfield.

It may seem a bit dull but being a miscellaneous and short quest can have its perks such as getting rewarded with Credits and XP.

This guide includes all the details regarding where and how you can complete the Winning Hearts and Minds side quest in Starfield.

How to unlock the “Winning Hearts and Minds” mission

Winning Hearts and Minds can be unlocked by speaking with Orval Romack at the bar in the Den. The Den is located on the planet of Chthonia in the Wolf System.

Speak with Orval and choose the dialogue that asks him if he needs anything done to begin the quest.

How to complete Winning Hearts and Minds in Starfield

Orval will ask you to put up some fancy posters he made so that they can inspire people. Head up the stairs where you’ll find a truck next to the Trade Authority Office. Grab the posters and fast-travel to New Atlantis.

The posters need to be put in various different spots around the Well which can be accessed by taking an elevator ride down from New Atlantis. If you’ve played the High Price to Pay main mission in Starfield, the Well is the place through which Noel escaped with the artifacts.

Poster location 1

Go down the stairs as you exit the elevator and turn right. Your quest marker will point you toward the first location right next to a locked door with a space frog poster beside it.

Poster location 2

The second location will be on the first floor. Return back to the stairs and walk straight until you see the small set of stairs in front of you. The second spot will be on the right side of the wall as shown in the picture below.

Starfield Winning Hearts and Minds - Poster 2

Poster location 3

Return to the elevator you entered the Well through and take a left to a short set of stairs with a locked red door.

Interact with the terminal beside the Red door that opens it and leads to the hall of the Well. Follow the quest marker as it’ll point you towards the last spot for putting the poster.

Your quest marker will guide you throughout the Winning Hearts and Minds side quest. The posters can be put up in any order. When you’re done go speak with Orval to earn your rewards.

Starfield – Winning Hearts and Minds mission rewards

  • 2500 Credits
  • 100 EXP
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