Why Is Watchdog Ship Inaccessible In Starfield?

The Watchdog ship is one of the most sought after vessels in the game. Unfortunately, you cannot access it in the game.

The Watchdog ship is one such ship present within Starfield that the player cannot access in the game’s current state. You will want to access the ship while playing the game. You may want to fly it, steal it, loot it, or even board but the game will not let you. This ship is encountered during the side mission Deputized in Starfield.

This mission can be started in Akila City in Starfield on the planet Akila. You must complete the mission Job Gone Wrong before you can access it. In this mission, you are tasked with finding and killing a bunch of NPCs and saving a few.

During your time with this mission, you will travel to several different planets including Montara Luna. You can find this planet in the Cheyenne system. However, you can not access this ship.

Why Can You Not Access Watchdog Ship In Starfield?

The Watchdog is a small ship that is well-armed and adept and maneuvers quickly. However, for some reason, it is inaccessible in Starfield. Below we have given the reason for the occurrence of this problem:

It is an integral part of the quest

The Watchdog ship plays an integral part in the mission in Starfield. You have to track down a group of hostile Ruffians who have stolen this ship. Simply taking this ship away from its intended would have severe implications for the quest. This can be one reason you cannot access it.

The watchdog is more a prop than anything

Despite offering you some very open exploration options, some things in Starfield are just there to fill out certain environmental details. As such, the Watchdog is there just for show, to add life to the planet, and more context to the quest when you come across it.


This ship would throw the game off balance

The Watchdog is a very powerful and well-equipped ship, and Starfield places a great emphasis on player progression and exploration. Simply taking a ship as powerful as this early on in the game would have made the journey much less enjoyable and worthwhile in the long run.

The decision to keep the Watchdog inaccessible in Starfield is deliberate and for good reason. However, if you absolutely want to buy the ship, you can acquire a better version of it from several different vendors.

Simply approach the ship technician in the area to start your purchase. The Watchdog ship costs 42,000 credits on average.

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