How To Get And Fire Turrets In Starfield

Turrets are considered to provide the best offense to your ship in Starfield. These are are auto-targeting, auto-firing weapons in the game that attack enemy ships when they come in range.

Turrets are among the notorious weapons list in Starfield. They are automated weapons attached to your ships and fire automatically when a ship enters their range. They are triggered without having to press any buttons. This means you can focus more on your strategies and other heavy damage-dealing weapons. This guide will discuss how you can get turrets in Starfield and get them to fire.

How to get Turrets in Starfield

Getting turrets is quite easy in Starfield. You can install them on pre-built ships, but they can be expensive. You can also buy them individually while upgrading your ship. They are found in the ship parts list. The level of the turrets you can buy will depend on your character level.

Your skills, such as Piloting and Starship Design, will control the level of the turrets. As you invest skill points in them on the skill tree in Starfield, more items will become unlocked. You will be able to buy them from different ship vendors in Starfield. To find out what ship parts in Starfield are available, visit any ship technician and ask for upgrades.

How to Fire Turrets in Starfield

Turrets are self-firing weapons. The game will automatically fire them when an enemy gets in range. This can sometimes be annoying, and there are some reasons for that. The main one is that they are not pointed in the correct direction.

Turrets are supposed to be facing toward your field of view as the pilot. During shipbuilding, if you slot them into another direction, the ship will accept it in the way it is placed. But being in the wrong direction will not fire them.

Make sure to orient them correctly when placing them on your ship. Another major issue players are often annoyed with is that the turrets will also start firing at ally ships. This can be easily tackled by going into the Update Friends\Foe settings.

Enhancing these settings will improve your gameplay, as the turrets will always fire at your enemy ships. This option is accessible through the main computer, which controls the turrets.

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