Hidden Items On The Scow In Starfield

Hidden Items that you might have missed at The Scow.

There are a lot of items that you can come across by exploring the Scow in Starfield. The collector and captain of this spaceship will be called Captain Petrov, and you will get to meet him during one of the missions during your playthrough.

This mission will be known as No Sudden Moves, and you will get to board The Scow and find multiple items on it, including an artifact. Moreover, as part of the mission, you must first interact with Captain Petrov and then take your time stealing his precious artifact and all the hidden items you can find on the Scow.  

If you are undergoing this particular mission, you should read on to learn about all the items you can discover on the Scow.

All items on The Scow in Starfield

After boarding the Scow, you will have the hostile option, but if your ship is not upgraded like a beast, you will have a hard time disabling the engines of the Scow.

This ship will have a lot of Scow guards patrolling different areas, so ignore them and continue with your search. However, you need to be careful when you come across items that are marked red and should avoid getting caught while stealing those, or the Scow guards will turn on you in Starfield. Let’s jump to the hidden items you can miss on Scow.

1. Artifact Phi

After you have met Captain Petrov and flattered him with nice comments about his collection, you can inquire about the artifact. He will take you to a vault, and once he takes out the artifact, you engage him in a fight and steal the artifact at the Scow.

However, you should spare his life as you can explore the Scow and find other items by doing this act.

2. Scow Aux Weapon Key

This can be found in the eastern section of the Scow. There will be a locked door, which you can unlock, and then head to the dorm on your right. Enter the bathroom area next, and the keys will be next to the sink.

3. Special Toys

There are two special toys that you will find at the Scow in Starfield. To find these, you can head to the main room where you met Captain Petrov earlier and go to the bedroom area. You will find The Plushie Xenosnuggle and Plushie Cuddleosaur near the bed, which you can salvage.

4. Gallow’s Reach

You can obtain this rare rifle during your search at the Scow. After you have collected the toys, you can head to the southeast corner of this ship. Then, you will come across an office, and inside that office, you can salvage this weapon called the Gallow’s Reach. It will be on the wall and shouldn’t be too hard to miss in Starfield.

5. Petrovs’ Vault Key

Petrov’s Vault Key will be in the office where you collected the rifle. To find this item, you can go near the computers, and it will be present near there so you can easily collect it and then make your way around the ship towards the living quarters.

6. Items present in the living quarters

Some common items will be present in the living quarters, which you can collect in Starfield. These will include:

  • Weapon Rack
  • Ammo Cases
  • Pharmaceutical Kits
  • First Aid Kits
  • Storage Boxes
  • Chlorine
  • Digipicks
  • Sterile Nanotubes
  • Tantalum

If you look hard enough, you will be able to discover the following hidden items on the Starfield Scow:

  • Chameleon Refined Space Trucker Helmet
  • Space Adept Modified Magpulse
  • Calibrated Deepseeker Spacesuit
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