How To Travel To The Eleos Retreat In Starfield

The Eleos Retreat is an important settlement in Starfield that you can visit to buy ships and complete a couple of missions.

One unique settlement you can visit in Starfield is the Eleos Retreat, built for criminals and incarcerated individuals. You can find this in the Ixyll System. This settlement provides a second chance to incarcerated individuals by providing them with a home and a normal life.

It provides facilities such as education, counseling, and stable employment, otherwise unavailable for prisoners behind bars. Apart from this interesting aspect, there are many unique ships that vendors of the Eleos Retreat sell. You can also get a few quests on this settlement in Starfield. 

Starfield The Eleos Retreat location

The Eleos Retreat is on the Ixyll II planet of the Ixyll System on the right of the system’s sun. To get to the Ixyll System, you can either move directly above the hostile Kryx system or travel northeast from the Alpha Centauri till you reach the Ixyll with its large central sun and 9 orbiting planets.

Once you have found the rocky Ixyll II planet of the Ixyll system, spotting the Eleos Retreat is fairly easy. This planet has one industrial and two Science outposts, and the Eleos Retreat is right above the Science Outposts.

Another thing to remember while traveling to the Eleos Retreat in Starfield is that the Ixyll System is high on the Settled Systems map. You must position accordingly while setting your ship’s course to it.

What you can do at The Eleos Retreat

You can visit the ship vendors at the Eleos Retreat or complete the quests assigned here.

Get quests

As soon as you enter the Eleos Retreat, you will be assigned the Dead Stop side quest by Sloan Temitope. In this quest, you must look for Kilman, listen to his side of the story, and speak with Sloan in Starfield. Completing this will reward you with Credits and 75 EXP upon completing the quest.

Another important quest acquired on the Eleos Retreat is the Missing Worker quest, which will reward you with the Epic Peacemaker Rifle and an Outfit upon completion.

Find Ship Vendors

You can visit the Ship Services store in the Starfield Eleos Retreat to buy some unique ships. The vendor is in an underground bunker and sells many unique ships, including the Wanderlust, Dragonfire II, Pterosaur III, Warhammer II, Responder II, Sunsail II, and the Zumwalt II. 

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