Starfield Stroud Eklund Shipyard Location Guide

You can visit the Stround Eklund Shipyard in Starfield to get different upgrades and ships.

Stroud Eklund is a prime location if you are out looking for shipyards in Starfield. This area is a major ship manufacturing corporation, so you should visit this location if you want high-tier parts to upgrade your spaceship.

You can do that by visiting the Narion System and selecting the planet in the fifth orbital ring. The Stroud Eklund Staryard will be Orbiting that planet.

Remember that visiting the Shipyard and interacting with the Ship vendors at these locations can be beneficial, especially if you want to fix your Ship. This can usually be the case after you encounter multiple foes during combat.

Make sure to get your ship checked and try to spend those Credits on getting your Spaceship upgraded as well. In this guide, I will address how you can find the Ship Services shop in the Stroud Eklund area in Starfield.

Stroud Eklund Shipyard location in Starfield

Once you board your ship at the Stroud Eklund Station, you can proceed inside to discover its shops. Since the Freestar Collective security patrols this place, you will find it quite clean and organized compared to the rest of the areas in Starfield.

After some exploration, you will find an NPC vendor behind a large desk. He will be called Havershaw in Starfield so you can approach and interact with him.


During your conversation, you will get three options. The first would be to get a statistical report on your ship to see if it requires any repairs. The second will be to modify your ship, and the third option will be to check the ships at Stroud Eklund Shipyard in Starfield.

All Ships you can buy from Stroud Eklund Shipyard

If you select the third option, Havershaw will show you the ships listed for purchase at Stroud Ekland in Starfield. These can be purchased easily with the required amounts of Credits.

If you are running low on those, you can always complete some missions and return to this place again. That being said, the ships available for sale at this Starfield Shipyard are as follows:

  • Privateer – 131396 Credits]
  • Privateer II – 175032 Credits
  • 3Gelileo – 119560 Credits
  • Roanoke – 156523 Credits
  • Warwolf – 202654 Credits
  • Trebuchet II – 166560 Credits
  • Roanoke II – 224876 Credits
  • Narcissus – 131396 Credits           
  • Vanquisher II – 384033 Credits   
  • Vindicator II – 264969 Credits

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