Starfield Secret Lives Walkthrough

There is a clone on the loose in Secret Lives that you need to deal with somehow in Starfield. Should you kill or spare him?

Secret Lives is a short miscellaneous mission where a clone deals with his true identity and what he was made for in Starfield. The quest is about how paranoia and the origins haunt a clone and he seeks you out for clarification.

Your answers will lead to different outcomes and inevitably different rewards with some being better than the others.

Let’s look into how you can make the best possible decision for Wyatt during Secret Lives in Starfield.

How to unlock the Secret Lives mission

To unlock the Secret Lives side mission, you need to speak to Wyatt Earp during the Begin Operation Starseed quest in Starfield.

During the quest, after your conversation with Franklin, you will be asked to check on the facility where you will meet Wyatt. The Mission HUD will then automatically update with Secret Lives under the MISC Tab.

How to complete Secret Lives in Starfield

Head out to the facility mentioned by Franklin during Operation Starseed. It is located at the Crucible on Charybdis III in the Charybdis System.

Head straight from the landing site towards the facility and you will be stopped by Wyatt who wants to share something about Roosevelt. He insists on meeting outside the city in a cave to talk privately, ideally, before you venture into the Facility

You can either follow him there or take a right from behind the buildings into the forest to find the cave Wyatt is waiting outside of. If it’s dark outside make sure to use your flashlight to see the slightly hidden entrance of the cave.

He shares that he is not Wyatt Harp but a clone of America’s first serial killer, H.H. Holmes. He is driven by anxiety about how people will come after him and his future clones if his identity is revealed to the Facility.

Should you kill or spare Holmes’ clone?

Believing that you are an assassin sent after him, the Holmes clone will threaten to kill you. Here, you will have two choices to deal with the clone in Secret Lives.

You can either kill him by attacking or spare him by persuading him to see reason. There is also going to be a third option which sees you walking away from him altogether and abandoning the mission.

Choosing to persuade Holmes will not only save his life but also get you a better reward otherwise he will die ending the quest with a lower payment. We suggest persuading him because it is an easier option, you receive no damage and lastly get more earnings.

If you choose to persuade Holmes during the Secret Lives mission, then you will have to pass the 6-bar persuasion check in Starfield.

You can start by selecting the dialogue with the [Persuade] prompt and then select the +6 red option to complete it in a single sweep. He agrees to trust you and asks you to keep quiet about the whole ordeal.

We recommend persuading Holmes clone and sparing him in Starfield.

Kill (or walk away from) H.H. Holmes

If you choose to attack or walk away from Holmes during the Secret Lives mission then he will detonate the bomb attached to him in Starfield.

This will kill Holmes and also you if you are running low on health. Both of these options have the same outcome and reward so you can go with either one.

After choosing any of the three options, you will witness the outcome and complete the mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Secret Lives mission rewards

Completing the Secret Lives miscellaneous mission rewards you with 50 XP and depending on your choice, either 3800 or 2500 Credits in Starfield.

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