How To Persuade Emilio Hadek In Starfield

During the Out on a Limb mission, you need to Persuade Emilio to get the data Kelton asks you, but Persuading Emilio is not that easy in Starfield.

During the events of the mission Out On A Limb in Starfield, you will get to meet two NPCs at different places. The NPCs you will find are named Kelton Frush and Emilio Hadek. Both of these characters will be working on research, but Kelton will task you to Persuade Emilio Hadek in Starfield to retrieve the data without using his name.

You will find this particular NPC easily in Starfield. This is because his location is displayed as an objective marker. You need to follow it; this way, you will find Emilio in a white and blue outfit.

Once you confront Emilio Hadek, he will tell you to stand slightly to the left as you block his reading. You can begin the conversation by choosing the second dialogue, “I’m on Mast business too. Need some research data on trees“. Hearing this, Emilio will speculate that Kelton put you up to this to get his Research in Starfield.

As it turns out, he is not on good terms with the other scientist and does not intend to ruin his career in Starfield. He also mentions that Kelton Frush wants to use his research to get on good terms with the higher-ups. Kelton ruined Emilio’s chances for advancing in MAST, so there is no way he is agreeing to give up his Research.


Backgrounds with persuasion as the starting skill like the Diplomat, Industrialist, Sculptor, or Space Scoundrel will have an easier time convincing Emilio.

Persuading Emilio Hadek in Starfield

To persuade Emilio Hadek in Starfield, you must select the dialogue, “Kelton says this… at stake“. Emilio will smirk at Kelton’s lie and then think over this situation.

Then he will agree to hand over his Data, but in return, he will demand that you help him secure a better position in MAST. You can then inquire what he wants you to do, and Emilio will reply that you need to erase some files for him in Starfield. You can cut to the chase and agree to help him, and he will also seem surprised.

Furthermore, Emilio Hadek will mention that he has bad performance evaluations on his record that seem unjustifiable. He also found a backdoor to the MAST network and was looking to make some changes but could not get past the Chief Engineer. Turns out he did not have access, and the only way to do so was by getting access from the terminal in her apartment.

However, that place will be locked, so now you will be presented with some dialogue choices. Choose the first one,  which will be to Persuade Emilio to give you Kelton’s Data now and skip the rest. To which Emilio will refuse, and you will get more options.

You will get three turns persuading him, so choose the second (orange) option, which says, “This isn’t the way to get ahead” in Starfield. Hearing that, Emilio will disagree.

After this, you can choose the first (green) option to work this matter out with him in Starfield. Then Emilio will suddenly have a change of heart. You will get the Persuasion successful message on your bottom left side. Moreover, you will also receive 10 XP as a reward for persuading Emilio Hadek as well.

When you successfully persuade Emilio Hadek, you will receive his Slate in your Starfield inventory. If you reject his bribe in Starfield, you will receive a message that your companion, Sarah Morgan, also liked that.

Should You Persuade Emilio Hadek?

Following the mission Out on a Limb event, it will be up to you how you should persuade Emilio. However, you will learn by speaking to Emilio that Kelton is a lousy person. He will use any means necessary to step over his fellow researchers to secure his position.

The question that arises here is whether you should persuade Emilio Hadek. To answer this, you should. You will need to complete the mission, and by doing so, you will earn some XP(+10) as well. However, you should also take up Emilio’s offer and help him by deleting the files from the Terminal in Starfield, as it will be the right thing to do.


Lawful Companions like Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe, or Andreja will like it if you persuade Hadek. It can be an important choice if you are looking into romancing companions in Starfield.

What happens if you do not Persuade Emilio Hadek?

If you choose “Sounds fun, I like a challenge“, you will fabricate Emilio Hadek’s data. Furthermore, you will continue the quest in Starfield until the very end.

Not getting persuasion options in Starfield

Certain parts in Starfield are quite confusing. If you are one of the majority, you must be familiar with the persuasion option issue. During your conversation with Emilio Hadek, every option will lead you to delete the data.

The quick solution to you not getting the persuasion option during your conversation with Emilio Hadek is to agree to his request. This will drag the conversation to the persuasion prompt.

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