How To Bribe NPCs In Starfield

To get out of a tricky situation in Starfield, you can bribe NPCs, but do you know its consequences?

Unique Skills play an equally crucial role if you want to increase your survival chances in Starfield. One of these unique skills is linked to Bribery, using which you can bribe NPCs in Starfield. This unique skill allows you to interact with NPC characters and offer them credits to bribe your way out. This can come as either evading the authorities or accessing a specific area.

However, you must first unlock the skill to use the Bribe option on NPC’s in Starfield. Since the atmosphere you come to experience in Starfield endorses all kinds of acts, bribing NPCs won’t be too hard of an option for you to use as well.

How to unlock Bribery in Starfield

Bribery is related to your Negotiation skills in Starfield, and this skill is essential if you want to avoid fights. To unlock this specific skill, you must open it from the Tier 2 social skill tree options. Once you successfully do that, you can upgrade it to Rank 4 in Starfield.

The first rank will allow you to use bribery speech options during your conversation. Upgrading to the second rank will help you reduce the bribery cost by 25 percent. Similarly, if you level this skill to the third rank, the bribery cost will be reduced by 50 percent. Lastly, by getting to the fourth rank, you won’t need to spend credits to bribe others in Starfield.

How to bribe NPCs with the Negotiation skill

To Bribe certain NPCs with Negotiation skills, you must unlock this skill first and then upgrade it in Starfield. Once you have done that successfully, you can offer a certain amount to the NPCs during your conversation.

This way, you can channel the conversation in your favor if you need an urgent way out of a situation by bribing that NPC. Taking an example from the quest The Key Ingredient, there will come a situation where you will need to bribe the guard in Starfield.


This way, you must select the option from your speech that says “[Negotiation] Hey don’t worry…….mean? [2500 credits].

However, it would be best if you worked on upgrading your Negotiation skills. This way, the more you boost this skill, it works exceedingly well in your favor as the amount of Bribe you offer will decrease with each upgrade.

This way, you will have to spend fewer or negligible credits in Starfield, and once you reach Lvl 4, the bribes will come down significantly to sometimes even zero.

Consequences of Bribery in Starfield

Even though you can escape a narrow situation by Bribery, it doesn’t always mean you will succeed. If you fail at Bribing an NPC character, your character’s consequences can also vary.

This can come in different terms as sometimes the companion accompanying you will lose his respect for you if he observes you bribing an NPC. Moreover, if you have a large bounty on your head and are unsuccessful in bribing the authorities, then the consequences can be dire for you in Starfield.

This would mean that you would have to suffer jail time and would also result in losing XP. However, the cases where you fail to bribe a particular NPC seem low.

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