How To Build Storage Facilities On Outposts In Starfield

Starfield provides limited internal storage to its players initially. In this guide, we will look at how can we create some additional storge facilities to rid ourselves of this problem.

After gaining access to the game’s outposts, you are now hungry for more and more resources which you will need to store somewhere after extraction. Since the extractors you use even the high-level ones do not have enough capacity to store all the resources it has collected. The extractors stop working after their internal storage is full which can be filled very easily as it is very small. To avoid this, we build storage facilities in Starfield that are far bigger in terms of resource-holding capacity than our good old extractor.

Starfield outpost storage options

There are many different kinds of storage facility building options in Starfield some of which are as follows:

  • Storage chests: Storage chests can hold resources you need to transport or use. In the basement of the Lodge, you will most probably find a storage crate or a storage box that does not indicate any weight limit like other chests which have storage capacity starting from 10 kg – 150 kg, so you can store as many resources in it as you want. The chests are expensive and can cost up to 20 Aluminum and 40 structural materials, which can be very expensive in building. But these are not a part of your outpost storage. They are unlimited storage options that are available in the Lodge.
  • Storage containers: Storage containers are the easiest way to store your resources on an outpost. These containers come in different sizes which are small, medium, and large. Also, these storage containers have different classifications, and a certain type of container is used to store its respective type of resource. Such as if you want to store cobalt it will be stored in solid storage on the other hand if you are extracting helium on your outpost, you will need gas storage containers.
  • Warehouse: Warehouse storage is a storage to store all of the manufactured goods. Storing tons of manufactured goods is not recommendable because selling them could be more profitable as they are non-resource-based items than keeping them in your hand as you can manufacture goods any time you need or purchase if needed.
  • Transfer containers: Transfer containers are used to transfer goods from one outpost to another, this transfer can be done in both the same system as well as inter-system. The transfer containers are also called cargo links. You can find this under the miscellaneous category of outpost building. The base cargo link is used to transfer resources within the same star system and requires no additional resources, whereas the inter-system cargo link is used to send resources from one-star system to another between your outposts.

How to build Storage facilities in Starfield

To build any particular type of storage facility in Starfield you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Press “F” to go into your outpost mode.
  2. Go to the storage tab from the menu.
  3. Select the suitable storage you need for the type of resource (solid, liquid, gas).
  4. Select the size of storage you need (small, medium, large).
  5. Now go to the extractor.
  6. Right-click on the mouse (in case playing on pc) and create an output link.
  7. It will show you a red line take it and go to the storage container then press “E” to connect them.

Now the storage container will store all the extracted resources your extractor gives you. If you need more storage, you can link storage together and create a chain that will work in the way that the last storage say “n” will be filled first, the second last, and so on.

Resources required to build Storage

You need the following resources to build every kind of storage facility in Starfield.

Solid Storage Container

  • Aluminum x 5
  • Iron x 6
  • Adaptive frame x 3
  • Power – none

Liquid Storage Container

  • Aluminum x 6
  • Nickle x 5
  • Adaptive frame x 3
  • Power – none

Gas Storage Container

  • Tungsten x 5
  • Copper x 6
  • Adaptive frame x 3
  • Power – none

Transfer Container

  • Tungsten x 5
  • Iron x 8
  • Lubricant x 4
  • Power – none

Warehouse Storage

  • Aluminum x 6
  • Titanium x 5
  • Adaptive frame x 3
  • Power – none
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