Where To Store Resources In Starfield

Running out of storage space in Starfield is not a big thing, but do you know how to get unlimited storage space for your resources?

With Starfield offering dozens of resources that you can’t even remember the names of, it is important to look for spaces to store them. You will run into inventory management issues after advancing a little in the game.

This makes knowing places where you can store unlimited resources early on a must for you. That’s why I came up with the best places to keep your resources and get unlimited storage space.

Best places to store your Resources in Starfield

There is not a single best place for you to store resources. You have multiple options, and I will cover some of the best places to store your resources here.

Constellation Headquarter Lodge

Upon joining the Constellation, you will be given a lodge space to store your items in the Headquarters.
You can store often-used items here because you will visit the Constellation in Starfield often.

Dream Home Lodge

While other houses also offer some storage for your resources, it cannot be compared to the storage in your Dream Home in Starfield. After you own the house, you can store exotic items here and take them whenever you need them for particular tasks.

Spaceship Cargo Hold

Your spaceship will be the default location for storing your resources. You will travel a lot between systems, so the ship’s cargo hold allows you to transfer items from your inventory.


The weapons, gears, and most essential resources you must keep around you during missions can be stored in quantity in Starfield Spaceship Cargo Hold.

How to get unlimited storage in Starfield

No matter how big your lodge is, you will always run out of space when you progress in the game. You should be wondering if there is unlimited storage in Starfield. Well, there is. But, I am unsure if this will work in the future as it appears to be a glitch.

You must travel to Alpha Centauri System for unlimited storage and land at The Lodge on Planet Jemison. At the lodge, go upstairs and enter the hallway before the library. Turn left at the end of the hallway and enter the second room on the left side. You will see a Locker labeled Storage in Starfield near the Bookshelf.

What’s interesting about this storage is that the capacity of this is not fixed. No matter how much you store in this storage, it will not fill up. You can keep weapons, gears, resources, and anything in this Storage.

You should check this out and store your unused items or the items you want to stock in the Lodge Storage in Starfield.

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