How To Transfer Goods Using Cargo Links In Starfield

Cargo Link in starfield allows players to move their cargo and goods on Interstellar level without worrying about the cargo capacity of their ships.

In a game such as Starfield where players explore an entire universe and gather a lot of items, and where players have a ridiculously low carry capacity, transporting items from one planet to another will be a huge pain. Fortunately, players can set up a Cargo Link, which allows them to move their items from one place to another on an interstellar level quite easily. This guide will help players learn how to set up their Cargo Link to transfer goods in Starfield.

Cargo Links allow players to automatically move their cargo from one outpost to another. Whether player’s outposts are on the same planet or an entire galaxy away, Cargo Link is the easiest way to move resources when players run out of space on their ship.

For setting up a Cargo Link on the same planet in Starfield, players need to have two outposts in the planet. Place a beacon at both the planets and build a Cargo Link platform at both the outposts. Cargo Link platform is available by default in your basic build menu under the Miscellaneous tab.

To build the Cargo Link platform, players need the following resources:

  • 2x Zero Wire
  • 2x Beryllium
  • 12x Aluminum
  • 20x Iron

After players have built both their Cargo Link, players need to head onto the platform and interact with the console here. Players will have the option to connect both their Cargo Link platform by heading onto the platform and interacting with the console next to the stairs.

The first thing players need to set up an Interstellar Cargo Link in Starfield is to get the Outpost Engineering Skill from the Science Skill tree. After players get this skill, players can go and interact with a Research Table and focus research on Manufacturing 1.


This will unlock the Interstellar Cargo Link platform in your build menu under the Miscellaneous tab. To build an Interstellar Cargo Link platform, players need:

  • 20x Iron
  • 3x Reactive Gauge
  • 1x Comm Relay
  • 12x Aluminum

Players also need to place a gas storage unit next to the Interstellar Cargo Link platform in Starfield. This is required to allow ships to refuel for their journey. Players need to connect the gas storage unit to the fuel pump of their Interstellar Cargo Link platforms and put Helium-3 into the storage unit. For every cargo transfer, 5 Helium-3 will be used, so put as much as you can. You need to put this setup in both your outposts on different planets.

Your Cargo Link platform in Starfield, either planetary or interstellar, has two storage containers on it. One red, one green. The Red container is the outgoing container. Anything players put in the red container will be sent to the second Cargo Link platform that you have connected. On the second platform, players will get whatever cargo they have sent in the green container on the second Cargo Link.

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