How To Get Microsecond Regulator In Starfield? 

The Microsecond Regulator in Starfield is an upgrade material used to improve your weapons. There are many ways to get this thing in the game.

Starfield is a vast world of star systems with hundreds of planets, in which survival solely depends on how good your weaponry is in your arsenal. You can upgrade these weapons to make them more powerful and relevant in the game’s later stages via upgrade materials. The Microsecond Regulator is an upgrade component that helps you upgrade existing weapons in Starfield.

You can modify your weapons to make them stronger and more effective. It is a highly prized item, although it is cheap. You must know how to get it and use it in the game.

Getting the Microsecond Regulator in Starfield 

Microsecond Regulators are available at random places on the Settled Systems map and in several merchant shops. However, purchasing Microsecond Regulators from different in-game vendors or merchants is the most reliable way to get them.  

Below are the merchants you can visit to obtain this upgrade component: 

Sieghart’s Outfitters 

Sieghart’s Outfitters is a clothing shop on the Volii Alpha planet of the Volii star system. Enter Neon City in Starfield and head to the main elevator to access this shop. You can recognize the shop by its large sign. Dietrich Sieghart, the owner, will trade Microsecond Regulator with you for 212 credits. 

Trade Authority at Neon Core 

The Trade Authority is where you can find nearly everything, even some illegal items. As you reach the Trade Authority at Neon, you will find that its vendor happens to be an unpleasant guy named Kolman Lang. Ignore his appearance and behavior, and trade with him. You can get Microsecond Regulators from him by paying 212 credits in Starfield.

Denis Averin 

Denis Averin is another merchant who hails from Mars in the Sol system. To access his shop, you must enter Cydonia in Starfield and then go to the long stairs on the straight path. Go to its left side and walk a few steps to reach the doorway under the sign UC Exchange.

Denis Averin will meet you inside and trade Microsecond Regulator for 212 credits. 

Trade Authority at The Well 

The Well is an underground area on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. The Well is the lower district of New Atlantis City in Starfield. You can access this by taking the elevator from the spaceport and turning left from there.

The Wall above you will show Trade Authority written in capitals. Go inside and buy the Microsecond Regulators from the vendor. 

Apex Electronics 

Apex Electronics is a shop located just before the Trade Authority at The Well. Vicente Salinas runs this shop and is suspicious of your character in the first meeting. He will ask you to do some work for him before he can start doing trade with you.  

This triggers the A Shipment for Salinas quest, in which you must pick a package from Red Mile and bring it to the NPC. After that, you can purchase Microsecond Regulator from him by paying the appropriate amount of credits. 

Finding Microsecond Regulator in the World 

Aside from all the vendors and trade shops mentioned above, Microsecond Regulators are also available at several gameplay areas in Starfield. You can find these upgrade components at abandoned places during your missions or at enemy outposts. However, this process is random and needs a comprehensive exploration.

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