Starfield Legendary Ships Locations Guide

The Legendary Ships in Starfield are better than the normal ones and provide you with additional abilities.

During your playthrough in Starfield, you will get to find and create a lot of Spaceships. Some of these are the Legendary Ships in Starfield that you can find or unlock while exploring the Settled Systems.

These legendary ships will offer you a greater edge over any normal ship, as these will also be better in stats. If you don’t know where to find them, there is nothing to worry about, as I’ll provide complete details about finding the Legendary Ships.

Starfield All Legendary Ships

Finding a Legendary Ship is no easy task; you will get to discover five of these. Moreover, these ships will offer you better stats, making them a highly desired choice, so be on the lookout for Spacers while discovering them, too. That being said, the Legendary Ships will include the following options.


If you are looking for a decent ship at the beginning of the game that can hold out its own, you should get the Pilgrim. This ship can hold out its own in terms of exploration and combat. Moreover, Pilgrim ship has a good cargo space area and a large interior in Starfield.


If you are a fan of long-range exploration, then this ship will give you that advantage in Starfield. It will come with an in-built extended hyperdrive range, allowing you to get quickly to other star systems while saving you the traveling hassle.

Apart from this advantage, this Spaceship in Starfield also has potent scanners that can increase the range of your scanning capabilities while exploring planets for resources.


As the name suggests, this spaceship offers excellent maneuverability, speed, and firepower. Moreover, if you are engaged in dogfights with enemy crafts, you can perform hit-and-run on them with relative ease in Starfield.


This luxurious Spaceship doesn’t offer speed or attack factors, but it provides a fancy spaceship with a beautiful design. This legendary ship in Starfield is designed for travelers who seek exploration only.


This spaceship offers you the best defense compared to the other legendary ships in this category. It comes with in-built shields that are tough to crack and keep you safe from enemy fire. In short, it will be like using a formidable floating fortress that will keep you alive during any tough situation.

How to get Legendary Ships in Starfield

Acquiring a Legendary Ship is no easy feat, and you will also have to face the challenges while finding one. You can get a hold of the Ship’s locations in Starfield differently. These will include:

Complete Specific Quests

During your Playthrough in Starfield, you will embark on different Sidequests related to other events. You can earn a Spaceship in Starfield by completing some of these.

This will be the case for getting the Legendary Spaceship Mantis at the (secret Outpost) at Denebola I-B. You must complete this difficult sidequest by facing powerful enemies, including Spacers (Lvl 8 to Lvl 30). Then, you will have to solve a deadly puzzle and investigate a mysterious space vigilante.

Similarly, if you have joined a certain faction known as the Crimson Fleet, you can complete their missions. This way, you will progress further in this faction, and at the end of the main story campaign, you will get your reward. This option will be to buy a Legendary Spaceship known as the Pilgrim in Starfield.

Exploring (Uncharted System)

A big part of Starfield will be exploring different systems, and as such, if you take your time to explore the Uncharted system, it can sometimes be worth your while.

That is because you will likely encounter a Starfield Legendary Spaceship along the way, so use your long-range scanners for this discovery task. This way, you might get lucky and stumble upon one of these Legendary spaceships in Starfield.

Defeat Rogue Captains

As always, you will face different kinds of enemies during your ventures in Starfield. Most of the time, you will also encounter various pirate factions. Some of these will be commanded by Rogue Captain, who will have large bounties too.

You can take your time to deal with them and defeat them. This way, you can salvage a good amount of loot, and if you are lucky, you might also get a Legendary Ship.

As mentioned earlier, these enemies can vary, such as defeating the Dreaded Marauder Rakasha, which will earn you his Mantis spaceship as a reward, so always keep on the lookout for these Rogue Captains in Starfield.

Buying from Special Vendors

You can spend your time joining various factions and pursuing their campaign missions till the end to meet special vendors in Starfield. The NPC vendors will sometimes have a Legendary Spaceship listed in their stock, but it will cost you a lot of Credit in Starfield.

If you have plenty of Credits (in the millions range), you can meet them and purchase the Ship in Starfield.


Crafting a Legendary Ship from scratch is a time-consuming method that will result in you gaining one in Starfield. However, you must invest your time finding the ship parts and blueprints from planets in different Systems.

Moreover, you will also have to spend your skill points on upgrading certain skills. These will include the Crafting and Engineering skills, and by investing in these, your craftsmanship will also tend to increase.

Remember that this will take time, but in the end, you will have made a Legendary Spaceship according to your preferences in Starfield.

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