Starfield Leader Of The Pack Walkthrough

Prepare yourself to deal with an Alpha Ashta, the leader of the pack and a fierce creature, that threatens Akila City in Starfield.

Leader of the Pack is the third of a three-part mission series in Starfield where you have to help out Davis Wilson on his patrols.

In the finale, Davis will need to kill an Alpha Ashta. This is a fierce creature that he cannot take on alone. You need to help him and keep him safe.

How to unlock the Leader of the Pack mission

The first thing you need to do to unlock Leader of the Pack is complete the False Positives mission in Akila City in Starfield.

Following that you need to wait 24 hours before speaking with Keoni Alpin. You can either return to your ship and sleep to fast-forward time, find a nearby chair to rest, or simply continue doing other missions until a whole day has passed.

When you are ready, find Keoni on the first floor of the Rock. You can get there by heading east from the Spaceport and then taking the stairs next to the Rock.

How to complete Leader of the Pack in Starfield

Speak with Keoni to know more about her relationship with Davis Wilson. She is worried about him due to the increasing patrols he has been doing as of late.


Check up on Davis Wilson

You can find Davis at the East Gate, the same location where he was during the False Positives mission. Head east after speaking with Keoni and then take the stairs near some railings to come across Davis.

Let him know that Keoni is concerned about his well-being. Davis will reveal that his patrols have increased due to the continuous weird behavior of the Ashtas. He is afraid that something big might be posing a threat to Akila City.

Davis will ask you to go on a patrol with him to check up on that threat. We strongly advise you to stock up on your weapons, ammo, and health packs before accompanying him on the patrol.

We also recommend being at least level 15 before taking on the Leader of the Pack in Starfield.

Kill the Alpha Ashta

The leader of the pack is the Alpha Ashta which you need to defeat in Starfield. Davis will lead you to its habitat while telling you stories about the Ashta. When the ground suddenly starts shaking, prepare to battle the Alpha Ashta.

The Alpha Ashta does a lot of damage, but you should be fine as long as you are level 15 or above. The trick to defeating the creature is to maintain your distance. Keep kiting the Alpha Ashta while firing your weapon.

Do note that the Alpha Ashta is an organic enemy type. Hence, using the best Ballistic Weapons will do the maximum damage and bring it down quickly.

Protect Davis (optional)

Davis may be a veteran when it comes to dealing with such creatures but even he will have his hands full against the Alpha Ashta.

You will have an optional objective to protect Davis during the battle. If you do not keep him safe, the Alpha Ashta will kill Davis.

If Davis dies, you can still loot his body for a few items, but we do not recommend this course of action. Davis is an important figure for Keoni and your moral obligation should be to protect him at all costs.

Make sure that you are always in front of Davis while fighting the Alpha Ashta. That may, the creature will be targeting you, not Davis.

Speak with Keoni

Once the Alpha Ashta is dealt with, make your way back to Keoni and speak with her to complete the Leader of the Pack side mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Leader of the Pack mission rewards

  • 3700 Credits
  • 100 EXP
  • Despondent Assassin (Weapon)

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