Starfield False Positives Walkthrough

Remember Keoni Alpin from Akila City? She has another job for you to complete in Starfield's False Positives.

False Positives is an extension of the Defensive Measures side mission in Starfield where you need to help out Keoni with her new Akila City security system.

The quest essentially involves your character investigating a non-functioning security robot and finding the culprit behind it.

The side quest delivers a ton of gameplay and crucial decision-making moments that will surely keep you hooked.

How to unlock the False Positives mission

After completing the Defensive Measures side mission, you need to wait 24 hours in the game to unlock False Positives in Starfield.

You can either spend the time doing other missions and activities or return to your ship to sleep and fast-forward the time by another day.

Once 24 hours have passed, you need to make your way to Akila City and speak with Keoni Alpin. You can find her in the Stoneroot Inn near the Akila City Spaceport gate.

How to complete False Positives in Starfield

24 hours gave Keoni enough time to analyze the data you gave her in the previous, Defensive Measures, mission. Speak with her now about the data and she will tell you that the sensors seem to be a bit off.

It turns out that someone out there has been tampering with the sensors. Keoni suspects Davis Wilson and his security officers who have been lately giving her the cold shoulder for her new security system.

Speak with Davis Wilson

Davis Wilson can be found along the Defensive Walls of Akila City. Your quest marker will take you to him. Davis will tell you how the Ashta have recently been behaving rather oddly.

Ashta are wild animals that are found roaming around the outskirts of Akila City in Starfield. They’re the cross between a wolf and Velociraptor

Davis will then ask you to join him on a patrol towards the outskirts of the city.

Go to the East Gate

Davis will be waiting for you at the East Gate. From your current location, head down the stairs and take a left where you’ll find Davis.

It is recommended that you load up your ammunition and stack on medic items before you head on toward your patrolling in the False Positives side mission of Starfield.

Defeat the Ashta

You will soon come across the wreck of an Akila City security robot during your patrol. Go near to investigate and you will be attacked by a horde of Ashta.

Defend Davis and kill all of the Ashtas before Davis asks you to access the security logs in the Akila Guard barracks in Akila City.

Check the security logs

Once you’ve entered the Akila Guards Barracks, make your way towards the computer and select the following items shown below:

  • Access Database
  • Select Access logs
  • Select Robot Update Logs

As you access the robot update logs, you’ll find that Bailey KIrklin was behind the deployment of the security robot on the outskirts of Akila City.

Confront Bailey

Exit the barracks and you’ll find Bailey roaming around outside. Speak with Bailey and inform her that you know that she’s behind the mess in the False Positives side quest in Starfield.

You are given two choices. Either blackmail her to squeeze a few extra credits out of her or report back to Davis about her antics.

Should you lie to Davis or tell the truth?

Once you’ve made the decision, head back to Davis at the Defense Walls of Akila City to complete the False Positives side quest in Starfield.

You can choose to either lie to Davis by telling him that it was a malfunction or come clean that Bailey was behind the mess.

Whatever decision you make will have no effect on the False Positives side quest in Starfield. However, if you manage to get a few credits out of Bailey, turning her in wouldn’t be what we recommend but if you’re an honest man, telling on Bailey seems the right choice to make.

Starfield – False Positives mission rewards

  • 5500 Credits
  • 75 EXP
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