How To Farm Lead In Starfield

Get your hands on Lead and craft some of Starfield's most important items and weapon mods.

In Starfield, Lead is a vital crafting item that you will need for many weapon mods. Lead is a common material, so you don’t need to search extensively. If you want to upgrade your weapon, this is your cue to search for it. To learn how to get hold of lead, continue reading on and understand how farming lead works.

How to mine Lead in Starfield?

After scanning, you can quickly go up to Lead nodes or ores and mine them using Cutter. It’s pretty easy to use, and you can get loads of lead in minutes. However, there is a much more effective way of collecting lead as a raw resource, and that is by extractors.

To make getting Lead easier, you can set up extractors and have the machines do the work for you. The extractors would collect the resource, and whenever you would like, you can collect it.

First, build an outpost and then build an extractor. The extractor requires the following items:

After building the extractor in Starfield, you need a storage bin to collect the material afterward. You can also build a Scan Booster so your hand scanner works better with ranged resource locations.

Best Planets to Farm Lead (Pb)

Lead is found on various planets as a common resource. Sometimes in abundance, while a little patch is dedicated to it other times. There are two steps to finding the exact spot for Lead on a planet.

  1. Look at the statistics on the left side of the screen and see if there is a gray box with the Lead scientific name symbol Pb.
  2. After landing on the planet, take out your hand scanner and look for gray/silver spots in the ground. As most of the planets have a gray base, to pinpoint the location where the scanner glows a little more than usual. Once you spot such an area, you’ve got an area full of Lead.

To simplify things, here are a few locations where you can find abundant Lead in Starfield.

NarionKreet, Vectera, Magreth, Sumati
Alpha CentauriJemison, Bondar, Voss, Hawley, Gagarin
SolVenus, Earth, Mars, Dione, Titan, Tethys, Miranda, Pluto
EridaniEridani V, Eridani VI-a, Eridani VII-c, Eridani VIII-b
GuniibuuGuniibuu III, Guniibuu VI-b, Guniibuu VI-d, Guniibuu VI-e
CheyenneBindi, Skink, Washakie, Heilo, Thren, Cragg
JaffaJaffa I, Jaffa II, Jaffa IV, Jaffa VI-a, Jaffa VII-b
HeisenbergHeisenberg II, Heisenberg III, Heisenberg IV, Heisenberg V, Heisenberg VIII-b, Heisenberg VIII-d
Alpha AndrasteAlpha Andraste III, Alpha Andraste IV, Alpha Andraste VI
Alpha TernionTernion III, Ternion IV, Ternion V, Ternion V-a, Ternion VI
HylaHyla I, Hyla II, Hyla III, Hyla V, Hyla VII-a
Al-BattaniAl-Battani II, Al-Battani III, Al-Battani IV, Al-Battani VIII-a
ShozaShoza II, Shoza III, Shoza IV, Shoza V, Shoza VII-a, Shoza VII-b, Shoza VII-c, Shoza VIII-d
PorrimaPorrima II-c, Porrima IV-d
FreyaFreya II, Freya III, Freya V, Freya VII-a, Freya VIII-a, Freya IX-b
IxyllIxyll I, Ixyll V, Ixyll VI-c, Ixyll VI-d, Ixyll VII-b
RutherfordRutherford II, Rutherford III, Rutherford V-a, Rutherford V-b, Rutherford VI-d
KumasiKumasi I, Kumasi IV, Kumasi VIII-b, Kumasi VIII-d
FeynmanFeynman II, Feynman V, Feynman VI-c, Feynman VII-b, Feynman VIII-d, Feynman IX-a
LinnaeusLinnaeus II, Linnaeus IV-a, Linnaeus IV-b, Linnaeus IV-c
Alpha TirnaTirna II, Tirna III, Tirna V, Tirna VII-b, Tirna VIII-c, Tirna X-a
AlchibaAlchiba I, Alchiba II, Alchiba III-a, Alchiba IV, Alchiba IV-a, Alchiba V, Alchiba VII-b, Alchiba VII-c, Alchiba VII-d, Alchiba VIII-a, Alchiba X-b
SpartaSparta II, Sparta III, Sparta VI-b, Sparta VI-c, Sparta VII-a, Sparta VIII-b
FoucaultFoucault III, Foucault V-b, Foucault V-d, Foucault VII-a, Foucault VII-e
KangKang III, Kang IV, Kang IV-a, Kang V, Kang VI, Kang VII-c, Kang VIII-d
NewtonNewton III, Newton V-a, Newton V-b, Newton V-c
ZosmaZosma I, Zosma IV-b, Zosma IV-c, Zosma V-a
BardeenBardeen II, Bardeen V-b, Bardeen V-e
NemeriaNemeria I, Nemeria II, Nemeria II-b, Nemeria IV-a, Nemeria IV-b, Nemeria VI-b
CharybdisCharybdis I, Charybdis V, Charybdis VII-c, Charybdis VII-d, Charybdis VIII-a
LeonisLeonis I, Leonis I-b, Leonis II, Leonis VIII-a
RanaRana I, Rana II, Rana III, Rana IV, Rana V, Rana VI-d
FermiFermi I, Fermi II, Fermi V, Fermi VII-b, Fermi VIII-b
StrixStrix II, Strix III-a, Strix III-b, Strix IV
PyraasPyraas II, Pyraas V, Pyraas VI-c, Pyraas VI-d, Pyraas VIII-a

Where to buy Lead in Starfield

The easiest way to get Lead is by buying it from a shop. This requires no work or effort on your part. Buying from vendors makes getting the resource for use anytime you are out of it and unable to extract or mine any.

The honorable mentions with Lead always in stock are the Jemison Mercantile in Jemison and the Mining League in Volii Alpha. The former is much more accessible as you can mine and buy from Jemison.

Jemison MercantileNew Atlantis
Jane’s GoodsCydonia
Sieghart’s OutfittersNeon
Mining LeagueNeon
Midtown MineralsAkila City
Trade AuthorityThe Well
General GoodsThe Key
UC Distribution CenterNew Atlantis
New Homestead StoreNew Homestead
Jane’s GoodsGagarin Landing
General StoreParadiso

Lastly, if you want to get Lead without spending a penny in Starfield, you can use the console command for Lead and get as many as you need.

player.additem 00005568 N

Use this code and add the number of Lead units you need instead of the letter N in the code above.

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