Why Can’t I Land On The Planet In Starfield? 

Due to a bug in the game, you will find that you are unable to land on planets in Starfield. There is no official explanation as to why this happens. But there are numerous fixes you can try.

Starfield offers the player unparalleled freedom in their exploration of space. Allowing you to visit a host of diverse and unique planets across several systems and galaxies. Like most games, Starfield is not immune to bugs and glitches. One such bug stops does not let players land on planets in Starfield. You may not encounter this bug at all, but it can be extremely annoying if you do.  

In this guide, we will be going over how this bug manifests, how it messes with your game, and how you can deal with it. A common convergence point for this bug is during the main quest High Price to Pay in Starfield. But may also occur elsewhere.  

Can’t Land on Planets in Starfield Explained? 

The bug in question prevents you from landing on a specific planet. It usually comes about during the main quest “High Price to Pay” where you have to land near New Atlantis in Starfield on Jemison. This bug completely halts progress for this quest. If it occurs somewhere else, it prevents you from experiencing the exploration aspect of the game.  

When you initially discover a planet, you can highlight all its points of interest and landing zones by performing a scan of the surface. Every time you return, you can land at any of the discovered points of interest.

This bug hides the landing prompt. While there is no official explanation as to why this happens, it occurs mostly when you use your Grav Drive in Starfield to jump to certain location.   

How to Fix Can’t Land on Planets in Starfield? 

These are some ways with which you can fix the “can’t land on planets” bugs in Starfield. These include reloading a previous save file, restarting your game, among others.

Reload a Previous Save File  

A surefire way to fix this bug is by reloading a previous save file. Starfield has an autosave feature which means that you probably will not lose too much progress when you decide to go for this fix. Open up the pause menu and head over to the load game option.

Here you will find all the auto and manual saves that you have made thus far. Select whichever you think works best for you and you should be good to go.  

Travel Somewhere Else and Come Back  

Another way to mitigate the bug is to travel somewhere else and come back. Open the star map and set a destination for a nearby planet. Travel there, spend a few minutes in your ship, and then set a course back for the plant you were going to land on.

The prompt to land on your desired planet should pop up now in Starfield. If it does not, try again and it should work.  

Use Another Ship 

In Starfield, you have the option to own multiple ships. At any given time, you can have up to ten ships at your disposal. If this bug arises, a great way to fix it is by switching to another ship. Open up your ship menu cycle through your ships and choose another ship.

Once take the other ship there, you should be able to land without a hassle. You can change back to the ship of your choice once you are on the planet.

Restart the Game  

This is more of a last-resort option and will most certainly make you lose progress. But if you are in a situation where none of the above fixes work, you can just restart your game. Close your game wherever you are and then open it again.

On Xbox, ensure you properly close the application and it is not on quick resume. In some cases, it may even be worth it to restart your PC or Xbox so the fix works properly.  

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