Should You Kill Or Spare Tomisar In Starfield?

All the consequences of killing or sparing Tomisar in Divided Loyalties.

During the Divided Loyalties quest in Starfield, you must decide whether to kill or spare Tomisar. It will be a defining moment for your crew member Andreja. This choice will affect Andreja’s storyline and dialogue.

However, none of the choices will affect your romance with Andreja. In this guide, I will discuss whether you should kill Tomisar or spare his life.

Should you spare Tomisar in Starfield Divided Loyalties?

You will get the following dialogue options once you confront Tomisar during the side mission Divided Loyalties.

  • She looks ready to kill you.
  • You’re in a pretty bad position here.
  • Maybe being a little more honest would help.
  • You think you can just keep lying?

Sparing Tomisar is one the toughest choices for you since this character threatens you and Andreja. Tomisar is scared of the idea of you or Andreja killing him. He will state that House Va’ruun will turn against her if she kills him in Starfield. If you want to make this decision, you can choose the second option, “He’s not worth it. You would lose too much”.

Andreja will want to kill him, but you can simply select the second dialogue choice to tell her to spare Tomisar. She will not be pleased about letting Tomisar live but will state that the council will hear of Tomisar’s action and pass judgment.

Then you can leave Tomisar, who will make empty threats on you and Andreja, and at the Lodge, you can speak to her again. Andreja will say that she cannot return to House Va’ruun, but you can reassure her that the crew will always serve as a family for her in Starfield. Choosing to spare Tomisar will not affect Andreja’s affinity.

Killing Tomisar yourself in Starfield

You can do the deed for Andreja and kill Tomisar by shooting him in the head. Andreja also wants to kill him; you can select the last dialogue option, stating, “I’ll do it, so you don’t have to.”

Once you perform the deed, you can also salvage items, including 7.77MM Caseless (x29), Bandages, EON, Credits (x878), and Tomisar’s Outfit.

Moreover, you can reassure Andreja that by doing this act, she is not responsible for disgracing the Great Serpent. The consequence of making this choice will be that Andreja will not be able to return to House Va’ruun, but instead, she can continue with your crew in Starfield.

You can also kill Tomisar later in the game. This act can be done once you bring Andreja to the Lodge, and there, you can ask her to wait. Then you can return to the Tomisar and shoot him in the head, killing him in Starfield.

On the other hand, Andreja will also be glad that you delivered justice to her dead friends by killing Tomisar.

What happens if you let Andreja Kill Tomisar?

This will be an interesting choice for you to make because you will allow Andreja to take her revenge by killing Tomisar in Starfield. She is tired of his lies as they cost her the lives of her friends and home, so overall, it should be the ideal choice for her character.

To make this choice, you can choose the dialogue option, “Give your friends the vengeance they deserve.” Once Andreja kills Tomisar, you can loot his dead body, and as a result of this choice, she will be cut off from House Va’ruun.

As a crew member, you can comfort Andreja in Starfield by saying that the Constellation will always be her home and family. Moreover, you will not be locked out of romancing her if you let Andreja kill Tomisar. Lastly, this choice will also not affect her affinity level, which is another positive thing for you.

What is the best choice to romance Andreja

I think the best choice here is to let Andreja get the revenge she deserves from Tomisar. The romance option, in particular, will not be affected by any of the three choices you make during this specific side mission, but since Andreja is not keen on returning to her home, you should let her kill Tomisar.

This act will please her character and increase Andreja’s trust in you. You can comfort her after each of these decisions and even kill Tomisar yourself after choosing to spare him to get a clear conscience in Starfield.

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